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Soap/Wash for Family?

I've been using bars of Kirk's Castile for my family's body-washing needs, but it's fairly expensive and we run through it quickly.  We use Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile for many of our other household needs, but I'm afraid we'll just run through it too quickly in the bath/shower.  My kids aren't great at judging the best amount to use, yet.  Any suggestions for something more cost-effective? I'm open to making something if it's not too complicated.  Thanks!

Re: Soap/Wash for Family?

  • For the kids id use those travel bottles and diluet some DR |Bronners with water. Use the bigger bottle for the rest of the familly :) 
  • We use the Bronners soap bars and they seem to last a decent amount of time. 

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  • No experience using it with kids, but the Costco Kirkland brand natural shower gel works great for me.  The ingredients list is very simple and natural, and it smells good without synthetic fragrance.  And very affordable.
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