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coping w/ working in 3rd tri

Hello mamas! I'm planning on working for as long as i can until LO comes but man it's getting tougher at 37 weeks. I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum and it sucked up a lot of my FMLA days so I'm trying to save. How are you coping with the lack of brain power, not sleeping, overall clumsiness, lack of patience, ect? I write myself notes to help remember but jeeze this week has been tough already and it's only Tuesday! Trying to be sweet as pie to others, too but it can get tough! Unisom has been helping me with the sleep aspect and I've given up on pants and shoes, so I'm as comfy as possible at least! Leaning back in my chair makes me look like a slacker but helps me breathe better! It's the little things, I think! What are you doing to stay sane?? 

Re: coping w/ working in 3rd tri

  • Trying to stay busy but also listening to soothing music helps.  

  • I make sure I loop someone else in on everything I do. it helps me stay accountable, but it also is a good back up in case I end up going earlier than my induction date. Also, I shifted a lot of my responsibilities onto the temp hired to cover - better for her to do my job while I am still here to answer questions.

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  • Sometimes I've been listening to books on tape or podcasts. I know that sounds counterproductive, but it actually helps me stay on task. Otherwise, my mind wanders from work and I end up on here, facebook, etc. Business at my company has been really slow this year, so boredom has been my challenge, rather than being overwhelmed/overworked. Which I guess is kind of a blessing. 

    I'm usually good about being on time, but lately due to the trouble sleeping, it's been hard. I've just been cutting myself some slack and if I need to text in to my boss/coworkers, "not feeling good this morning, running a little late," then I do so. I have no qualms about taking that time for myself, and it's not like they're going to think I'm hung over or something! 
  • I just remind myself that before I know it, I will be on maternity leave, and I'll have so much time to bond with baby. I was going for walks at lunch and that was helping to clear my head (and regain some patience, which is seriously lacking these days), but it has gotten SO hot, that it's just not doable that late in the afternoon anymore. Now, I try to listen to calming music a bit during the day, and make it a point to get away from my computer and actually have a lunch break.
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  • I've been setting realistic expectations of myself-- I'm just not going to be able to accomplish quite as much now as I would if I had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, or didn't have to take bathroom breaks so frequently. 

    I find making a list of the tasks I want to accomplish that day makes it easier to stay on task as well-- then I can go back to my list if my mind wanders and pick a task to scratch off of the list.

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  • I'm still working at 38 weeks and planning to start maternity leave the day before my scheduled C-section next week.  Last week, I started working from home a couple days a week though, and that's helping.  Being able to really prop my feet up all day is making a huge difference.
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    I am 37 weeks and 1 day today... I will be working until I pop. I get 12 weeks off... and I don't want to use them before the baby is here... originally we thought our children would be spaced close together... we recently decided we want to move out of state soon... so I need to rush my MBA which takes 3 years... so trying for a second before 2 yrs a 3 months is not feasible... sucks because I could have take 16 weeks off... but I was worried that we would get pregnant by accident.
  • i was pulled from work by my dr with my last pregnancy once I hit about 38w.  I was having some blood pressure concerns so she wanted me to just rest.  The nice part about that was I knew a day before my last day and was able to go in, wrap things up, and then just be done.  

    i'm 38 weeks now, and while I'm obviously glad that I haven't had the same BP issues this time, part of me kinda wishes I could get pulled from work again... Would love to just pass off everything and be done!  Instead I keep getting more work bc they are panicking about me not being there, and want me to finish up all the things before I'm gone. 
  • I'm at 37 wks Thurs and tough to keep at work. I keep at it cause I want my leave with the little one. I will take a real lunch break away from the computer, and get up and walk around for moving my legs and clear my head. 
  • @KMeredith82 I feel like I'm in the same boat at work. Everyone just realized that I'm due next week and could go at any time. Consequently I have like 20 meetings this week because everyone is trying to squeeze things in and I'm not able to get any actual work done. 

    I decided I'm only working through the end of next week (two days past EDD) assuming baby is late. Having an end date I can count down to helps.
  • My last scheduled day is the 11th, and I'm due the 14th.  I'm so over it already! I find im short on patience with coworkers, and forget to do normal, everyday things. Today I forgot to do something at work that could have had dangerous consequences! Thankfully it didn't though! I'm just trying to stay focused and busy, but it's SO hard!!
  • I'm working straight through labor. Since I have a desk job my OB gave me the go ahead to labor at work as long as I'm not disruptive. I need all the time I can get on leave since I don't get much! It's getting so hard to work though. I've been coping by bringing plenty of snacks, having tons of water on hand and I brought a desk fan to keep me cool. I've been dressing however I want and wearing sandles with good foot support and plenty of room to swell. My bosses don't seem to care and seem to understand.

    My coworkers have enjoyed my hormonal attitude though. As I've mentioned several times before, I have a coworker who has gotten away with so much and the bosses never say anything to him. He's called out sick more than he's been to work and when he is at work he takes naps a couple hours a day and still gets paid for those hours. Anyway, I'm so far along and so miserable that I put him in his place one night and my coworkers loved me for it. If I can't take a nap at 37 weeks pregnant then neither can he.
  • ShanRum3 said:
    My last scheduled day is the 11th, and I'm due the 14th.  I'm so over it already! 
    This is pretty much my plan as well.  Friday the 12th will be my last day in office.  I will start leave on the 15th which works out well because thats when school starts so I'll be able to take my daughter.  I may work some from home that week if baby still hasn't arrived. 

  • I am working until the day my baby girl decides to make it to this world, i have though days i don't care how i look for work anymore, i stopped brushing my hair and trying to put make up on is just a work out, i just keep reminding myself 2 more weeks and if i wanted i can work from home but I just come to the office, I also do listen to soothing music that keeps me calm.
  • I plan to work up until baby boy decides it's time to make his debut.  I'm even starting a new job during my 40th week!  Crazy, but that's just how the timing worked out.  Fortunately it's another federal government agency, so my benefits will all transfer over.  But I will spend 39w2d at an all-day orientation, then will probably work the rest of the week from home.  I did the same with DD (not a new job, but worked up until being induced with her after 41wks), and I was really grateful to have the distraction of work.  Plus it allowed me to save that precious maternity leave for when the baby was actually here.  

  • Some days I wish work was more distracting. Because we have the temp who is covering most of my work to get the experience doing it while I am here to answer questions, and this is our slowest time of the year I spend a lot of time ... killing time.  It's been dangerous for online shopping - especially now DH is working again, and some days I feel like I am watching paint dry.

  • Katm89Katm89 member
    @Allisun85 same here.. so bored
  • I'll be 36 weeks on Friday. Now I'm just trying to delegate more rather than doing a lot of things myself and trying to get everything organized so that when I leave my co-workers can find everything and not have to call me. My boss has been nice letting me come in a little later and leave earlier if I'm done with work. I plan on working until practically my due date and if I pass my due date I might still come in because I want as much time off with LO as I can get. I just submitted for my maternity leave today (due on 8/26), waiting on the response. 

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  • Ugh...... I'm trying to save up my PTO but all these appointments for me and the kids are killing me!  I haven't worked a full day this week.  I have so much work to catch up on! 

  • I am almost 37 weeks and my last day is the 5th.  I am training someone to take my place while I am out but it has been hard and I am very busy with projects and other things at work.   I also have a ridiculous commute (1.5 hours to and from).  Not sleeping well and trying to stay focused at work has been a challenge.   Like some of the others said, just getting done what I can and knowing it will all be fine when I am gone gets me through.  I try to cut myself some slack and remember I am grumpy because I am pregnant and tired.  All you mommas going until you're due is awesome!  I asked my OB for a few weeks before due date because I am so exhausted.
  • My last day is August 12th a little under 2 weeks before my due date my first daughter came 8 days early so I'm hoping this one will too. I work as an LNA  at a nursing home so my job is very physical I would be done working now if I had the extra vacation time as its so hard to get through some days and standing 8 hours on my feet. But I just keep hoping I'll go into labor before I get to the last day 
  • I have been scheduled for a repeat c-section on 8/22 and have planned to work up until the Friday before. Now I'm being watched closer for a concern with baby girls umbilical cord and the OB wants to deliver me as soon as it's safe (I'll be 36w on Friday). Now work is totally freaking out because no one feels prepared for me to leave. Sorry, I've been reminding you all along - now that it's clear that I could be taken out at any time, it's time for everyone to scatter and figure out plans. Sorry not sorry for the unexpected. 

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  • Today I'm here to answer questions and keep the process moving.  The rest of the team is hopefully learning how to step up and get the actual work done.  This is my plan for the next 3 weeks. 

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    @kriley602774 we had something similar happen with me at 34 weeks - my doctor put me out of work for four days, we didn't know if I would be coming back-  until I was finally cleared me to return. I got back and everyone was in a panic - they realized they were not as ready as they thought for me to go out. I figure I have done everything humanely possible to get the office ready, and honestly if they are not - not my problem. One of my co-workers I arranged for a bunch of training for her, and she got all offended because she "already knows everything." - those four days out proved that to be a lie, and luckily brought the partners on board with coaching.

    It doesn't hurt to have our jobs have a "Sh!t just got real..." moment now and then ;)

    Oh and just so everyone knows -it's illegal for work to bring work related issues up for you to address during time coded as FMLA. I found that out when I had knee surgery, and the company assumed I would continue making the schedules for the store. It came up during an unemployment hearing and the company got in worlds of trouble with the state...

  • Allisun85 said:

    Oh and just so everyone knows -it's illegal for work to bring work related issues up for you to address during time coded as FMLA. I found that out when I had knee surgery, and the company assumed I would continue making the schedules for the store. It came up during an unemployment hearing and the company got in worlds of trouble with the state...

    Yes, I was told this too.  No work or contact from work (even working from home) as long as you're on FMLA or you could jeopardize it all and they could get in big trouble.  

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    Allisun85 said:

    Oh and just so everyone knows -it's illegal for work to bring work related issues up for you to address during time coded as FMLA. I found that out when I had knee surgery, and the company assumed I would continue making the schedules for the store. It came up during an unemployment hearing and the company got in worlds of trouble with the state...

    Yes, I was told this too.  No work or contact from work (even working from home) as long as you're on FMLA or you could jeopardize it all and they could get in big trouble.  
    Wish I had known that when I was on maternity leave with my first. At one point I got a Facetime call because my supervisor needed help working a machine and its software. Now I know!

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  • I am officially over the "scared of labor" hump when I daydream about labor rather than being at work. Also I just really don't want to work this weekend. 
    Me too! I have some 6 day weeks coming up and back on the schedule of having no weekend days off. Seems too exhausting to me! Plus I day dreamed of going into labor today so I wouldn't have to work with the coworker I don't like tonight. I don't feel like doing his job while he naps and panics about the work he was assigned to do today.
  • My office chair seems to be 500x more uncomfortable to sit in today.  My back has been killing me all day, to the point where I half wonder whether I'm in back labor or whether it's just this dang chair.
  • Is it bad I told my daycare family who has 1 year old twins that tomorrow is my last day? I am drained at the end of daycare because I am constantly chasing them around making sure they aren't climbing, Shoving things things in their mouths, pulling on things,  etc. Add to it the parents are in middle of a custody thing so every little bump, scratch, etc is a HUGE deal and I feel like they put me in the middle. I'm just over it and too pregnant to deal with it. 
    We shall see how next week goes as to if I start cutting more kiddos out of my schedule. It hopefully a baby will make her entrance and I won't have to worry anymore!! :-) 
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    I've been at work for almost 3 hours and have done next to nothing.. Freight truck is supposed to be here but they emailed and said it's going to be 5 hours late.... So I walk around the store just straightening things here and there... so freaking bored! And so ready to be done! 
  • @texasmama2014  That's exactly how I'm feeling---have to get my work stuff done ASAP!

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  • Why are we still having issues at work today.... I want to be done with issues!  At least time is going by pretty fast.  10 more days 

  • We work in a business casual environment.  I dont have any meetings today so its totally yoga black pants (they are kinda boot cut) and sneakers.  At least I'm comfy because I'm trying to type with a watermelon on my lap. 

  • It's my company's family picnic today and since its several hours away (we have multiple offices), I wasn't able to go.  So I'm here by myself today and planning to get so much done but keep getting distracted.  I need to wrap things up, I have so much left to do...  Only one more work week before due date!!

    maybe I'll turn in some music and power through :)
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    I was having some high BP symptoms this morning so my doctor told me to get in to be seen right away (turned out to be a false alarm, no pre-e or anything). But on the way over I was very concerned about how I'd be leaving work! My tasks aren't ready to be turned over to my team, I haven't taken my personal items home from my office, I haven't let close clients know I'll be leaving, and my computer and email files are a mess! That gave me some motivation to get stuff straightened out ASAP. 
  • @Snaps816 I feel the same way!  I know that I shouldn't worry and need to focus on the baby, but I can't help but feel a little panicked when I think about how I'd be leaving things.  I spent a few hours on Friday just typing up notes on all of my projects, so I could at least hand off that document if needed.  But that just also kind of causes me stress when I had 4 or 5 pages of "to-do" type of tasks
  • @ThisisNumber3 my boss came back from work this week so I have at least been busy... but I will say I was shocked that they keep mentioning that maybe I should put a chucks pad on my chair in case my water breaks... and how they will drive me to the hospital... and call my husband... I'm like um I'll just go home
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