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Hosting a shower in my home?

My mom and sister are hosting my shower. It will be a small shower, about 15 people total including me. We have tried to find a venue we love but have come up short for various reasons.

My mom lives with us... Is it weird to host it in our house? My sister lives out of town and we don't really have other family in the area. Thoughts?

Re: Hosting a shower in my home?

  • I think it's fine, make it clear your mother is the host and enjoy not having to haul everything home from another venue

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  • You can totally do this, if you make it clear that your mom is the hostess.  I co-hosted a friend's shower, and we had it at her house for a number of reasons (her foot was in a cast after toe surgery, her mom has alzheimer's and was more comfortable in a familiar place, etc.)  Her house was just the most logical place to have it.

    We had her husband take her out to run errands and get brunch.  While she was out we decorated her house, got the food set out, and greeted the guests.  About 20 minutes after guests were to arrive, her H brought her back, where she was able to greet people herself.  Plus, as a bonus, none of the gifts had to be transported.  After the guests left, some of us cleaned up, while others moved all the stuff and helped her husband set up the crib, etc.

    Just be sure to behave like a guest, and let your mom and sis handle everything, even though it's at your home.
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