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Periods while breastfeeding

I just recently got my first PP period and 2 weeks later it's back.  Just curious how long it took for your periods to regulate while still breastfeeding?  Or do they?! 
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Re: Periods while breastfeeding

  • Mine didn't really regulate with DD or LO until I started taking BCP after the return of AF, and that took about 5 months with each. I'm not sure when it would have returned on its own though.
  • Mine did not regulate while breastfeeding.  Only returned to a normal cycle after I stopped nursing.  I stopped four months after it returned.  We were trying to conceive so I needed to be regular 
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  • With my first 3 kids I got my regular period a month after my pp bleeding stopped. They were completely regular coming every month. My fourth baby is still EBF and he's 6 months, yet to have a period. So it's weird for me not to have one. Every woman is different. So it's nornal 
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