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Multiple Showers, causing me stress!

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My mother and childhood friend are throwing me a shower and I expected both sides of the family to come. Although my husbands side lives 6 hours away I thought it'd be nice to get everyone's familis together. For my bridal shower they made me drive alone, rent a car, stay in a hotel, and get my own food for one 3 hour party. I do not want to do this again while pregnant but my husbands sisters will not cave! They want to throw me a shower in their hometown because it's traditional and convenient to them. I don't want to be rude but driving 6 and a half hours for one day party while 25 to 30 weeks pregnant just sounds overwhelming. Also it'll be winter by then, I'll have to take off work, and showers are always uncomfortable on his side because of old family drama.  Please help or give advice. Thank you in advance. 

Re: Multiple Showers, causing me stress!

  • If you are uncomfortable with it, you can politely decline their offer of a shower.

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  • I had two sweet friends that wanted to throw me a shower (in addition to the two I was already being given). I thanked them profusely, but said I didn't have enough people to invite to another shower. I said I had them on the invite list for a shower that was coming up and that I really hoped to see them there. 

    Try to put a positive spin on it, but definitely don't feel like you have to go out of your way. YOU'RE GROWING A PERSON! 

    Good luck! 
  • Decline it. If they can't understand why you'd not want to drive 12 hours round trip while being excluded from the rest of the family with the exception of 3 hours, that's on them. 

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  • Could you not do a shower or sip n see when planned around a time your hubbyou and you plan to visit his family? That way you're already in town...and hubby can drive, help with the gifts, etc
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