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I'm Freaking Out!

Ok so I've done something really, really dumb!  I was making dinner and DS 7 months was in his high chair.  I cut him a piece of orange and put it in one of those mesh sucky bags they love and he goobled it all up............. then I realised I used the same knife to cut the orange as I'd just been using to cut the chicken for dinner and I hadn't washed it!!!!  I'm normally soooo careful about cross contamination I can't believe I've done this.  I rung Plunketline (Healthline for babies in New Zealand) and they said just to watch him as symptoms may develop within 24 hours.  I know what's done is done but does anyone have any advise at all.  Please don't flame me I'm totally beating myself up for being so stupid :(

Re: I'm Freaking Out!

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    My only advice is to take it easy on yourself. We all make mistakes, as people not just as mothers. Other than that, just keep an eye on him as the doctors recommend.
  • Aww shit happens. Keep us updated! Don't beat yourself up! 
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  • Most likely it will be okay! 
  • Thanks for being so kind ladies. He's fine today so likelihood is he won't develop salmonella but have 10 days before we can say he's clear of campilabacter (that spelling is terrible but you get it). Still can't believe I did that but I'm sure I'll never do it again!
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