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Plus size mammas

Hey ladies,
Any plus sized mammas? I can't find maternity wear and nursing bras! I'm a 4x usually. So Macy's etc that only go up to a 3x isn't helpful. Thanks in advance!

Re: Plus size mammas

  • For nursing bras, check out Her Room.  It's all online, but if you have a bra already that fits you well, you can convert it into their Universal Size which converts varying sizes between brands/country of manufacture so you can get the right size.  Like for example, I'm a 36I in Prima Donna but a 36H in another brand, or a 36G in a different one.  They make it so that you look for one size, for example 36D6, which changes what bra size you actually are getting based on the manufacturer.  You can also search by larger sizes and they carry brands that actually make bras in sizes other than A-D and bands larger than 42.  I always have trouble finding bras in my band/cup combo, but Her Room carries everything.

    That said - once you find what bras you want to try, before buying on HerRoom, look for it on Amazon.  Often times you can find it for cheaper, with free returns.  Because trust me, even with their universal fit guide, you'll still be returning, and Her Room charges you for the return.

    As far as nursing bra brands, I have liked Elomi and Goddess for their fit so far - we'll see how I actually like them once I'm nursing.

    As far as the maternity clothes go, you might have your best luck looking online.  I've had trouble finding enough variety in sizes in physical stores, and I'm usually wearing an XL, sometimes a 1X if they run small.  Do look for a maternity/baby consignment shop around you; I've seen 3x and 4x shirts in mine so you might get lucky!  Plus, they're cheap.  Old Navy, Kohls, and Motherhood Maternity are supposed to have plus-size lines, but they may not carry them in your local store.

    Hope this was helpful! :)
  • Of course after I replied, I realized that you posted the original question back in JULY!  Hopefully this is still pertinent info for you, lol.
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