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Gifts for the STM+ without a registry

Hi Wise Mommas!  As a STM myself, I should have this down, but I'm at a loss for what to send some of my friends who are STM+ and don't have registries.  For those who live nearby, I plan to have a gourmet meal delivered after baby arrives, but I need some other ideas!  I was thinking a Spa Finder gift card, or a gift basket with some nursing essentials... I'd love to hear your thoughts!  What would you most love to have (that is not baby clothes or another board book, though they have their places, too  ;) )

Re: Gifts for the STM+ without a registry

  • Personally, food (!!!), some one to clean my house and a massage are all things I would love to have. If you're shopping for the baby you might ask what they need. For myself, when friends/family ask I tell them the only thing I NEED is diapers since my kids are going to be so close I have all the other stuff still. 
  • I would say consumable needs like diapers/wipes (unless they're doing cloth), laundry detergent, freezer meals. Amazon or Target gift cards. Chocolate, wine, or coffee for Mom. These are all things I received at my "sprinkle" that I appreciated!

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  • cm716cm716 member
    I second the diapers/wipes. I also usually get baby bath wash and/or a gift card.
  • Seriously, food is best. 
  • As a STM I would appreciate any/all food or diapers. 
  • For me: Food, house cleaning, wine! 
    For baby related: baby soaps and lotions, gift cards, nursing basket. 
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  • We just moved away from where my cousin lives, so I couldn't drop off food when she had her second. One of the local grocery stores will deliver, though, so I got hummus and pita chips and some prepared foods (heat and eat)/snacks, and they delivered it all to her. That might be something to look into!

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  • My favorite gift was the case of wine I received, but diapers, wipes, and other things that are disposable and don't last long were appreciated too!
  • I like to do personalized gifts with the baby's name and birthday, like the blankets you can personalize from Pottery Barn Kids, or hooded bath towels,or the wooden step stools with their name on it. 
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  • As a stm, I'd love meals, dark beer (the yeast helps with milk supply) and help cleaning. A massage would be great, but I had to wait several weeks before it was comfortable to lay on my stomach while squishing my milk boobs, so that's maybe not the best immediate gift. 
  • If the baby happens to be a different gender than the first I usually send some sort of wearable item that moms wouldn't normally buy maybe. So, not just some outfit from Target or something. But things like those cute but overly priced socks, a personalized outfit from Etsy, or a luxurious organic footie or something. Just something that maybe as a stm you know you don't need so you don't waste money on it but you know you still love. 

    If not something like that I usually go with a nice plush muslin blanket set. It's probably not the best gift to give because I have learned not everyone uses them like we do. We seriously use those blankets for everything. We have a basket of them in our linen closet and my 5 yo will still go grab one for things like a runny nose, or a light cover up or something. 
  • I love monogrammed/personalized gifts for the new baby too.  I feel like with the first, they get a ton of those things but the 2nd gets the shaft.  Plus a bottle of wine for the mother!
  • Love all of these ideas!!  Thanks so much, ladies!

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