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Middle Name(s) for Julia

I'm loving the name Julia, and I'm looking for a middle name or two to go along. I like last names as middle names but I also like feminine names.

Some ones I like:
Julia Anneliese Adler
Julia ______ Reese
Julia Elisabeth Bardot

Suggestions for both girly and last names together?

Re: Middle Name(s) for Julia

  • kfraskfras
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    My niece is Julia Rose. I always thought it flowed nicely 
  • I think it would be an easier transition from Julia to a middle name that starts with a consonant. 

    Julia Rose (from pp)
    Julia Rae
    Julia Britt
    Julia Tate
    Julia Sloan
    Julia Reese (good choice!)
    Julia Bardot

    Good luck!
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  • I think it's odd to use a surname that has zero ties to you especially on a girl and especially as a double middle name. It just seems a bit unnecessary.  Any family surnames? Or if you just like random surnames I would do that in the middle and drop a second middle name. Julia is a nice name.

  • Julia Nicole
    Julia Marie
    Julia Beth
    Julia Brooke
    Julia Darcy
    Julia Daphne
    Julia Evelyn
    Julia Fawn
    Julia Faith
    Julia Grace
    Julia Hope
    Julia Kristine
    Julia Kay
    Julia Louise
    Julia Mae
    Julia Maeve
    Julia Penelope
    Julia Paige
    Julia Raine
    Julia Violet
    Julia Willow
    Julia Zoe
  • erzsi1erzsi1
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    What do you ladies think of Julia Shea/Shay?
  • I have to agree, it's a bit odd to throw a random surname in for a double middle.  You'r naming a child,  not an actresses stage name.
  • erzsi1 said:
    What do you ladies think of Julia Shea/Shay?
    Not gonna lie anytime I hear Shea/Shay on a girl I think of Kevin James and the Mets. It's nms but not terrible

  • I think Julia Shea is beautiful.  I personally like it spelled Shaye. 
  • Julia Shea is just fine. I love Julia! 
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  • I'm another vote for "don't give a random surname as a middle name."  Especially if you are giving 2 middle names.  When people see your child's name in print, they will not know how to interpret it.

    For instance:  Julia Rose Barrett Smith

    Is her name Julia Smith, Julia-Rose Smith, or Julia Barrett-Smith?  If you have a family surname that you want to incorporate into your child's name, use it in the middle name spot.  If you don't have a family surname you'd like to carry on, just pick a pretty name or two.
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