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PlastiBell circumcisions.... Totally freaking out right now!

So I'm having a little boy in about 3 weeks. I already have one little boy and he was circumcised in the traditional manner with no problems or complications at all. My sister in law just had a little boy and the method they used on him - the PlastiBell method - is supposed to be a more "humane" method. They put a plastic ring around the tip of the little boy's penis and tie it off with a string then you just wait for the skin to fall off... Does anyone else think this is far from humane or is it just me?! 

My first son healed up in a matter of days (I think like 4 to be exact) and it didn't even bother him at all. I just can't imagine waiting almost 2 weeks for the skin to just fall off... It seems to me like that would hurt a lot more than a traditional circ procedure. I also know that there are a lot of risks and complications for the little boy if you don't have him circumcised, but I just could not do that to my poor baby :( 

Any thoughts or suggestions ? TOTALLY FLIPPING OUT ABOUT THIS 

Re: PlastiBell circumcisions.... Totally freaking out right now!

  • I don't understand the question here? She already did it and you prefer a different method. Just do the way you want to do. Or ask your doctor what is more "humane" in their opinion. 

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  • Speak to your doctor for more information and what is recommended.

    There are not a lot of risks and complications if you choose not to circumsize. I am not saying that to change your mind I am telling you that because it is the truth. 
  • My son had the traditional method- and everything healed perfectly. I don't have any experience with the plasti bell but if you don't want that method than don't get it. 

    This is should really be a question for a doctor who does these routinely. Ask many questions. Otherwise you are just getting anectodal opinions from random people on the internet who are not experts or have their own agenda.

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    @bethwy what makes you think it's OK to shame and attack this mom?  It's pretty clear in her OP that she feels strongly about circumcision and it's pretty clear that you don't, so what was the point in posting here?  If you had hoped to change her opinion your tactic was pretty terrible and not even close to helping you accomplish your goal.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion based on their research, morals, ethics, philosophies, and guidance from the professionals they've chosen to work with.  Commenting here in the tone that you did is not OK.  Clearly the OP can't control what others post on her thread, but in the future if you want to change someone's opinion about a highly divisive and sensitive topic, I'd figure out a better way to deliver your message because what you're doing now just pisses people off.

    ETA: @kgillespie92 when we were doing our circumcision research our OB practice mentioned they still perform the procedure both ways.  I see a group practice so each doctor has a preference and you work with one who will do it the way you want.  It would be worth talking with whoever is performing the procedure to see what method they currently use, or if they do both.  That way you can decide on the method you prefer or find a different doc to do it the way you want.

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  •  I also know that there are a lot of risks and complications for the little boy if you don't have him circumcised
    This isn't true. 
  • Sorry I should have made it clearer - she said that is how they do a circ now and they've gotten rid of the traditional method. I'm worried because I don't want to do that to my poor baby boy :(
  • Not circumcising causes a lot more problems than what you think... it is not just a cosmetic procedure it can mess up a child's life if you don't do it. UTI's, foreskin infections, even PENILE CANCER. Would you want your little boy to suffer? I wouldn't think so. Just because my choice is different from yours doesn't mean it's okay for you to make me sound like a bad mother when I know I'm not. It is far more than a cosmetic procedure it is a procedure that will help make his life a lot easier in the long run!

    Thank you all for your POSITIVE inputs. The reason I was kind of freaking out is because my sister in law told me that the PlastiBell is the only way that they perform circs now. I feel I should have a choice in the matter and I feel it's not right to let a baby suffer for days on end waiting for skin to die on his most sensitive area... it's a lot more humane just to get it over with and let it heal.
  • Well if that's your opinion I'm okay with that. My son won't be the one getting laughed at in the urinal because his penis looks different from all the other boys. My son will know when he has to go to the bathroom (decreasing bedwetting by a long shot by the way, my first son is circumcised and he never has accidents)  and one day when he is old enough he will be able to enjoy sexual intercourse without having to pull back his foreskin. Call me a bad mom all you want, because I know it's not true. My choice is my choice and you have no right to tell me whether it's right or wrong. Call me when you're dealing with your child's 20th UTI I can refer you to a great urologist. :)
  • No, im not. I'm sharing facts that have been shared with me. Whatever your choice is that's your choice... I'm just asking if the PlastiBell is the only way that circumcisions are done now. My first son was circumcised and he is completely normal. I asked a simple question and was not only attacked but made to feel like I shouldn't even be asking it when this is a forum for moms to be able to come and ask questions without being judged or made to feel stupid for asking questions... Guess I'll think twice before i ask you all another question. Why attack me for my beliefs? They are my beliefs and I feel strongly about circumcision I feel it is necessary and I have done a lot of research about it. You complicate your son's life a lot more than necessary if you don't do it. But if you choose not to that's your choice... Sorry for posting my opinion. I thought that was what you were supposed to do... She shared her beliefs with me so I shared mine back. It's not an attack. It is a defense.
  • @bethwy how dare you insinuate the OP is a bad mother for her choice I have zero issue in reporting you and hope you get banned from the bump for being a terrible human. 

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  • You complicate your son's life a lot more than necessary if you don't do it....... It's not an attack. It is a defense.


    It's comments like this where you appear to be shaming mothers who chose not to circumcise. You can defend yourself without attacking others. 
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    Just thought I'd add, I've never even seen a circumcised penis. I know nobody who was circumcised. It's not something that is done all over the world as @rnyland1 has said. It's all personal preference/religion/culture. 
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  • It's just what I've read in my research and what I've been told by not just my own OB but also my fiance's grandmother (who is a retired labor and delivery doctor) and several other doctors. My only question here is whether or not the traditional method of circumcision is still used or not, i surely didn't ask to be called a bad mother and so on. And i surely did not intend on offending anyone - my ONLY CONCERN here is whether or not I can choose the method of MY OWN CHILD'S circumcision.

    Another fact: in the Jewish faith circumcision is a religious ceremony performed when the young male is 8 days old. It is not purely cosmetic and it is not a lie that having it done will save your son's a lot of problems later in life. If you don't believe me ask a doctor. But still the decision is your own just like the choice to have my son circumcised is my own. I didn't do anything other than argue the facts I've learned against the ones she had learned... I surely was not about to sit back and let her be mean to me like that.
  • I'm so glad that it's okay for you all to make me sound terrible because of my choice to circumcise my son. I shared facts that I've learned just like all of you did why am I just as bad as her when she called me a bad parent for my own choice? I know one person who was not circumcised and he said he hates his mom for not doing it, he wet the bed until he was 22 years old because the foreskin caused him to lose sensitivity to his penis so he couldn't tell if he had to use the bathroom or not. He was laughed at by other boys his age in the bathroom because he looked different - even his own brother was circumcised and he wasn't so he even got teased at home. Not to mention an uncircumcised penis looks completely different from one that is circumcised. So go ahead and be hateful all you want to - it says a lot about your personalities and how you can be judgemental and rude to someone who had 1 simple question as to whether or not I had a choice in a procedure that I've already decided that I'm doing. Leave all the hate mail you want to but I won't be reading it or responding to any of it, and I DEFINITELY won't be asking any more questions on this thread. Obviously you are all just mean ass housewives who sit there and wait for an argument to cross your path. Best of luck to all of you.
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