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I wanna see babies!

Because any reason to share baby pics is a great reason...

If you are like me, every week you have a new favorite pic of LO. But what's your absolute favorite, and why?

I snapped this one last week during our morning "talk and laugh time" as I call it. I just love how happy she looks :)

cat fail animated GIF


Re: I wanna see babies!

  • @yogahh That face! I love it! 
  • @kurrant her features and bone structure are stunning! I see modeling in her future!

  • ncm0328 said:
    Someone went way too hard jumping and sitting in her seat. 
    What kind of seat is that? I was just saying the other day that my daughter needs something like that but I have never seen one for her age.
  • Kit&Cat said:
    Oh my gosh guys - this cutie! I can't even take it 

    He's adorable!  But that onesie though!  My H and I say that all the time. :)
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