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Breastfeeding After Nipples Healed

Hi Everyone

My DD is one week old. Before I met with a LC, she had been latching wrong for three days (I didn't know any better - just that I was in a lot of pain). The damage had already been done supposedly; my first night home I experienced the cracking and scanning. My left nipple was one complete scab and actually preventing milk from getting through. After emailing the LC, she told me to keep working through it which I did with the help of a nipple shield for two days. My nipples are finally healed and both do express milk at the touch. However, DD only is drinking from the right. She latches on the left, but you can tell she's simply just sucking and not getting that consistent flow :(. Could my milk production have lessened on one side? If so, how can I increase it again? Could it be a different problem? Upon my first nights home, my breasts would be pretty engorged. Now, she's feeding more frequently, and I don't see that. Please help!


Re: Breastfeeding After Nipples Healed

  • Your milk supply is still in the process of learning how much your baby needs by supply and demand. Keep offering the left breast and eventually she'll take it. The more your DD suckles at the left breast, the more your body will produce milk. Even if she's not getting as much as the right breast, it still signals your body to produce the milk in the breast she's suckling at. Also though, you may find one breast ends up with a higher supply than the other. My right breast has always had a larger supply, even to this day with DS nursing at 18mos. He still favors my right breast.
  • Yes, your supply can shift so much in these early stages. Have you tried pumping that side after she feeds? That should help up your supply on that side. Good job hanging in there throughout all this, it will get easier with time and practice!
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