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Face rash from eating

hi guys! Does anyone have experience or has their LO experienced face rashes with food? My LO is having it with everything she eats, and its localized to her face, with no other symptoms. Even just oatmeal does this! I am thinking it's just her skin being sensitive, as she is very fair, and she gets red when you touch her.  :) 

Re: Face rash from eating

  • Yep my DD has sensitive skin also. Even goes red with her drool.
  • I'm thinking drool or possibly if you use baby wipes to clean her face after?
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  • @Mizuiro007 for sure it was drool doing it before but now it's right after eating :( I am only using a wash cloth with water. Aquaphor was helping but is not anymore 

  • @kdoak2015 has it been with most foods too? I'm paranoid because we have food allergies in the family, especially her Dad. I do see her doctor tomorrow for her 6 month check up, but was wondering what other moms were doing for it 
  • It looks nothing like that, a small red patch here and there. Poor girl I would definitely show her doc the pic.
  • @kdoak2015 yes we see him tomorrow! She doesn't seem bothered by it but I am bothered by it! Lol
  • Mizuiro007Mizuiro007 member
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    I kind of like coconut oil for rashes because it doesn't clog the pores like aquaphor and similar other products can. From the picture it reminds me of eczema. Does it happen with all foods? I get eczema on my hands from handling certain foods because of acidity, recently kiwi did it to me.

    Eta because it's just the localized rash I would think it's a skin sensitivit rather than food allergy.
  • @Mizuiro007 I was thinking excema too, it is with every food, oatmeal, sweet potato, avocado, prunes, pears. She has super super sensitive skin, gets red marks when I touch her etc. she gets this on her face also from drool and when it rubs on the ergo. I was worried to even try coconut oil as my husband is allergic to coconuts, gets really itchy when he eats them. 
  • @laurabwalker it should be easy enough to do a small patch test if it's something you want to try on her. I have really sensitive skin, as do both my kids, and all three of us to different things so I understand what a pain it is. There's so much that comes in contact with the skin that it always feels impossible to figure out what caused it and why.
  • @Mizuiro007 yes I will start some patch tests and talk with the doctor about what I should put on to treat it now. She also rubs her face in bed on her sheets when she's trying to fall asleep so it always irritates it further, thanks!!
  • Turns out it is definitely excema, irritated by food, drool etc. we have a new cream to try!
  • Glad you found the problem!
  • @laurabwalker I know it's soon to tell but has there been any improvement with the cream?
  • @Mizuiro007 there actually has! 
  • That's wonderful!
  • What was the cream?
  • @melalfred we had to use a hydrocortisone cream per her doctor, to get it under control. I also have the aveeno ezcema cream for her arms and it also is helping! Hopefully today will be the last hydrocortisone day for awhile. 
  • We love the Aveno Eczema cream too! Happy to hear it's improved! 
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