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Mastitis followed by cold sores

So Monday and Tuesday I began to notice some pain and swelling in my breats and then Wednesday I was hit with the chills and fever  aches and pains all over, and sudden weakness. I dragged myself to an urgent care clinic, who told me that my fever was 103 and that I needed to go to the E.R asap.

Once admitted to the ER they determined I had mastitis with no abcess and put me on IV fluids, IV antibiotics and IV pain meds. They released me Wednesday night and I rested mostyly Thursday.

Then I woke up on Friday with a massive fever blister in the corner of lips, one on the inside of my upper lip that has my lip swollen and a few fever blisters on my tongue.

Its soo painful to eat and talk. Im on oral antibiotics but its Saturday now and these fever blisters/cold sores are a drag.

Is this normal? Cold sores after mastitis? Any explanations or knowledge on this?

Re: Mastitis followed by cold sores

  • Well mastitis and antibiotics compromise the immune system, that's when herpes viruses tend to flair. If they don't start getting better when the office opens give them a call and see what they suggest. Keep your mouth away from baby it up they're cleared. 
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