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Csection Fears

I am really dedicated to the idea of a natural birth with as little intervention as possible. Sadly, I'm moving to Alabama, a state known to be notorious for high Csection rates and few options for birthing due to strict laws and barely any midwives in state. 

We are military and will be delivering in a hospital due to a lack of birthing centers in the state. I will be interviewing doulas when we arrive but am very nervous about Csection rates in our area. The two major hospitals near us both have over 40% Csection rates. 

I've been told by many of my friends who delivered in a hospital that they were pushed with pitocin because they weren't progressing "fast enough" and at least 3 were threatened with Csections due to time constraints (i.e. not giving birth within 24 hours of water breaking.)

I am extremely bothered by this.

I am also aware that there are elective inductions and csections that some opt for. Should I take that into consideration with these numbers?

Also, the OB I am hoping to setup when I get to AL is known to advocate natural birth more often, he has privileges at both these hospitals. Should I also take into consideration that doctors have different preferences or will the hospital have specific requirements that ALL OBs abide by when it comes to things like induction/csection/etc?

Finally, what rights do you have in denying induction with drugs like pitocin? Csection? How do you decide whether such things are really a risk to you and baby (since they usually claim your or baby's safety as the cause for such choices)?
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Re: Csection Fears

  • If I were you I would hire a doula ASAP! A doula who has supported mothers in your area and worked with your hospitals will have the most insight into having an unmedicated labor and birth- best hospital for it, best OBs, what you can do to help yourself. I'd imagine laboring at home for as long as possible would be a big part of it if there are time constraints. A doula would also be able to guide you as to when an induction or c/s is medically necessary. Good luck in having the birth experience you're looking for!
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    @PootsDragon Thank you for the suggestion. I actually hired a doula service Monday. I feel relieved after talking to them and feel I've found an advocate for this situation. They recommended an OB who himself and his whole team are conscious and respectful of mother's looking for a natural birth. Feeling more optimistic with their educational support and advocacy!
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