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Can't pick a girls name Help *poll*

Mintz1982Mintz1982 member
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We are having a hard time picking girls names it may because we have 4 other girls and we want it to go with othera we are team Green 
Sib set is

Can't pick a girls name Help *poll* 93 votes

Wynter Patricia Ann
8% 8 votes
Raven Patricia ann
30% 28 votes
Robyn Patricia Ann
61% 57 votes

Re: Can't pick a girls name Help *poll*

  • Not personally a fan of any.  

    I'd probably go with Robyn.  Definitely not Wynter.

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  • @nlwz123 I think we're hoping it's a boy some of the names my DH gave were rediculus if it comes out a girl I'm not even sure what her name will be. 
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  • I don't like unnessary Ys so Raven by default.

    Winter is a GP name for me but it's a bit out of place with your current kids. Then again so is Raven. 

    Robin/Robyn is actually probably the most like your current kids 

  • I like Robyn because you have some other y's in your sibset. Wynter is a bit of a stretch though...
  • Robyn by default, but I'm not really a fan of any of these names and prefer it spelled Robin.
  • Vivi20Vivi20 member
    I don't like any of them, I'm sorry. But if I had to pick, I'd go with Robin.
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  • Raven or Robin spelled this way 
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  • DD's middle name is Wynter so I voted for it.
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  • cjt121413cjt121413 member
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    Robin, spelled Robin. Not at all a fan of the y (mis)spelling, no offense. 

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  • love winter spelled correctly

  • Raven because it was the only one spelled properly. Also I prefer Robin on a boy.
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  • I don't care for Raven... the other two names are fine- I'm not sure about spelling- I know some people are anti-adding y. 
  • I picked Raven because it's the only one that isn't misspelled. Maybe just go with Patricia Ann?

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  • Why the Y in Wynter? Winter is nice!  

    You have such beautiful girls names in your sibset - Raven (as in a kind of freaky bird IMO - I think of Poe) seems so harsh in comparison. Something more feminine than Raven/Robyn would match better.

    What about about another musical
    name - Aria, Lyric, Harmony?  Themes can be over the top but music is so universal and timeless I think it works. At least another feminine name of this caliber would fit better in your sibset, IMO.  
  • I understand wanting to keep a theme going but wonder if you are holding on to the "y" theme a bit too much. Having 4/7 children with "y" names leaves the other three out and seems a bit unfair. I would go with something that really suits the name style you have going versus the name spelling. Although, I do like PP's proposal of Lyric or Harmony since your girls lean more towards musical names. 
  • Robin, spelled this way.

    Honestly, the whole Y thing looks ridiculous.

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  • I'm probably in the minority here but I do like Winter but spelled with an I. 


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