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Hi Ladies,  I'm 36 and 10 weeks pregnant with my second child.  I had a miscarriage in February and the embryo tested positive for a chromosomal abnormality.  I can be anxious and my doctor and I decided that a CVS was right for my first pregnancy.  My experience was great and I loved knowing that everything was healthy so early on.  I have a CVS scheduled for next Wednesday. Being the anxious person I am, I'm over thinking everything!  Should I just be doing the blood screening this go around?  It was not an option for me last time.  Also, there are two options for the CVS.  The FISH panel and the prenatal array.  From what I understand there is a 1% chance that you can get an indeterminate result from the array test.  Would this drive me nuts?  Please note that my doctor suggested the CVS again and the performing doctor is one of the best in Manhattan- his miscarriage rate is less than 1:1000.  What would you do?  Thank you!


  • Congrats on your pregnancy and I am very sorry for your loss. I am personally one who opted out of any and all genetic testing, but I can absolutely see the benefits of doing it if you would have your mind out at ease. Can you start with the bloodwork and then do the cvs or amnio if those results don't tell you what you need to know?
  • I believe if I wait for blood work results, I will miss the small CVS window.  
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  • Gotcha. I was wondering about that. Would an amnio give you the same information with timing that would work for your situation? I'm sorry you are facing such a tough decision!
  • Same information but about two months later... I'm pretty sure I'll just go ahead and do the CVS.  Hopefully, my experience will be similar to last time.  Thank you for responding!
  • If you're comfortable with it, I'd just do the CVS.  One of my best friends lost her baby girl at 21+ weeks due to a chromosomal abnormality - it was picked up on level II ultrasound just a couple weeks earlier, then had amnio, determined the extent and the possible outcome, and then lost her baby.  It was devastating for her.  She got pregnant again about 6 months later and she was a basket case.  She had a CVS and it was amazing to see the load off her shoulders.  

    As for the two types of tests, which does your genetic counselor or doctor recommend?  I would personally do the array (if an array is the same prenatally as it is post-natally) because it would give you a more accurate idea of any chromosomal deletions or duplications, correct?  The FISH will look only for specific chromosomes?  At least that's what that terminology means in the NICU world.  Good luck.  And congratulations on your pregnancy. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 months.  :)
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  • Thank you!  The preliminary results were good...  Now waiting for the remaining results.  The wait is killing me!  How accurate are the preliminary results?
  • Did you do CVS? I heard they are very accurate like 99%.  I have my appt the week after next but am nervous about negative effects.  Is that just the Internet scaring me?
  • For me, the test was a 4 out of 10 in regards to pain...  And, more uncomfortable than painful.  The test itself was less than two minutes.  Personally, I think it wasn't too bad at all!

  • Jess did you get your results? Are you going to find out the gender? My test is today.  
  • All good!  I opted out of the microarray and did the microdeletion.  Got the results the different days...  I can finally relax!  How did your test go?
  • So far so good. No bleeding at all but dr said to stay home from work today which I'm not thrilled about but going to watch Strsnge Things. I did the basic tests.  Happy to hear yours went well!
  • Thank you!  Keep me updated!  
  • My nurse reacted super negatively to us wanting to do the micro deletions when I brought it up, so now I'm afraid to ask about it further at my next dr appt. We were going to do the NIPT version before CVS, and follow up with the CVS testing only if needed. I'm still pretty upset about feeling like we can't still do it, as both my husband and I were 100% certain of doing it before, but now feel really discouraged and even like we should be ashamed it of it. :-( If anyone has any thoughts or words of advice I would love to hear them.
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  • Sorry I'm a little confused...  What are you ashamed of?  Regardless, you should 100% do what you want.  Who cares what anyone else thinks!
  • Results are in. All normal.  Phew!!!
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