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Hi mamas! Has anyone started giving their babies sweets? And by sweets I mean like cookies, juices. I know for their 1st birthday most people let them try cake. Also if you have, does your little one get really hyper? Thank you in advanced mamas! 

Re: Sweets!?

  • We did birthday photos the other night with a cake smash and she had s good bit of frosting during that lol. She was fine after. If I give her Apple juice I dilute it with water. If we are having a sweet we give her a taste but just a little. I would say try things in very small amounts to see how LO reacts.
  • We did cupcake for her birthday and then ego waffles with syrup. That's pretty much it. But she doesn't really get hyper, I think it is the amount that we have her which is not a lot 
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  • I gave Kinsley ice cream this past weekend - I was eating an ice cream cone and she had some licks lol she loved it!! We also did smash cake but she wasn't really eating it, she just likes to mash in her hands. I've never given her juices, but I have done apple sauce. There wasn't a difference in her behavior after the ice cream, she was fine! Never done cookies yet. 
  • We're given LO small bites here and there of cake, icing, ice cream, yogurt and he has gotten a little bit hyper but nothing excessive. We will pretty much let LO taste anything that we eat.
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    Here and there. We are just starting dairy products because she had some eczema. She hates the yogurt bites we bought her. Back on mothers day she ate like half a donut (without glaze). Then yesterday we actually started baby cookies. Loves. I've also let her suck on a twizzler but not actually eat any. When we are at a restaurant I will let her have small sips of my soda after she has had some water.

    After she ate the donut she wasn't hyper. It may have been because we were in a strange location and it was close to bedtime and she was already tired. She loves eating anything that I am eating or drinking.
  • We let DD have diluted juice every day. It's only about 3oz actual juice. She eats cake, ice cream, cookies and any sweet that we are eating. She's had sips of soda but not too much because she doesn't like the carbonation. I have never noticed any hyperness from one day to the next because she doesn't get this stuff every day. I think it's important that your child gets to eat what you eat. They will notice far sooner than you think that mom and dad get to have something and they don't. So if you don't want sweets to be a part of their diet, then you should cut them out too. Also, I believe studies have been done and found that sugar does not cause hyperness.
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