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31 Weeks - Breech

Anyone else have experience with baby being breech early in the 3rd tri? Doctor says she'll give her 3 more weeks to flip and then we either try a version or schedule a CS. How many of you had one that's flipped on their own?

Re: 31 Weeks - Breech

  • DD1 was breech at 20 week ultrasound and never flipped! I had low amniotic fluid too which made it tougher for her to do so.... Hoping you get a flipper!
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  • Yes! My baby was breech from 29 to 31 weeks and by my appointment at 33 weeks she flipped. Never felt her do it but midwife confirmed. We're going to do a basic ultrasound at my next appointment (35 weeks) for visual confirmation that she's still in the right position.
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  • All of my kids were breech until I was about 35-36 weeks along. This pregnancy baby was breech until I hit 32 weeks, I am now at 34 weeks. 
  • If you are looking for things you can do to encourage a breech baby to flip, check out  My first was breech (and we didn't know) at 38 weeks and this baby was breech until 32 weeks. I did all of the things to flip a breech from spinning babies and this little one listened!
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  • My baby is breech now at 33 weeks. My doc also said she's not worried about it until 36 weeks so I will be doing spinning babies exercises if he's still breech at this week's appointment!

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  • This pregnancy my DD was breech at 28w at an u/s and then by 35w it was confirmed at another u/s that she was head down.  I had some inclination she flipped because the bigger bulge I was getting at the top around 34w, but I am not sure when it actually happened.
  • DD was breech from 27 (ish) weeks on. We considered doing a version at 36 weeks based off last u/s but my OB, who has a high succession rate of getting them to flip, felt baby was a little stubborn due to position. Try spinning babies though!! I've heard awesome things about it. It's definitely worth a shot. 
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  • I'm pretty sure at 35 weeks this baby is still flipping around.  I'm going to bring it up next week at my 36 wk appt but I've been told they still flip this late.
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  • eshep5eshep5 member
    33 weeks here and baby is still breech..
  • I was told at my ultrasound last week that baby was head down at 32 weeks. I wonder what the odds of him turning back around are? He was sideways at my 20 week ultrasound.  
  • Plenty of time. 97% of babies will turn to head down by delivery time. I don't think most doctors start worrying about it til after 34/36 week appointments. 
  • I'm in a similar situation at 33 weeks but he is transverse and up under my ribs rather than breech. Our doctor is giving us 3 more weeks until we start discussing a c-section or manual version. 

  • slycatslycat member
    I'm 33 weeks and he is breech. The doctors do not believe he will flip. We are planning a c section. 
  • i was 32 weeks and she was breech, went back at 35 weeks and she had flipped - i stressed out so much about it. im sure baby will flip.
  • LO has been head down since my 28 week appointment. My midwife said it could still flip back and forth a bit, but they wouldn't be concerned until 36 weeks. There's still time! Definitely take a look into spinningbabies. Even if baby is head down, they have exercises that are supposed to help baby get in a more optimal position. I'm working on some, hoping to avoid back labor!
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