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My inlaws came to stay for 10 days, and decided to bring their outside dog (didn't find that part out until they were here). They decided it was too hot for their precious pooch outside here in SC, so the dog stayed in our carpeted finished basement. Well, it turns out their dog had fleas, so now the inlaws and the dog are gone, but the fleas remain!!! Anyone know of a safe way to get rid of fleas with a baby in the house? 

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    Oh no mama! :o I think you will have to contact pest control to come in, there's companies that use  kid safe products, and are natural too. If you Find a company ask them if their products are safe to use around children. Also if you can, get out of the house for a bit while they are taking care of that, that way the chemical's smell won't reach the baby. Keep us posted! 
  • if you want no chemicals, sprinkle salt all over the carpet, leave it for a few days then vacuum up and immediately throw out the bag. The salt dehydrates them. Another thing that works is Cedar chips, we buy them for out yard since we have a lot of dear that roam through our yard often. 
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  • thanks! I'll try to salt before calling a pest control. To be fair, I've only actually seen 2, so it is possible that they are just lingering from the dog being here. I can hope at any rate!
  • Omg we had fleas right before my DD was born. I was trying every single method that was safe for me since I was pregnant at the time. Nothing worked and my DD came 5 weeks early so I didn't get rid of them before she  was born. So once I was out of the hospital I just bit the bullet and called pest control. We had to be out of the house I think 4-5 hrs. He sprayed all throughout the house with a chemical that is safe for kids after it dries so that's why we had to wait a while for it to dry. It worked though!! I couldn't bare the thought of my newborn having to deal with itchiness all over like I was dealing with. 
  • If you've actually seen 2, there are probably many more hidden. I've used store bought carpet powder. Sprinkle it on, leave for several hours and then vacuum it up. Worked for us!
  • Thanks for all the replies - the good news is that besides those first few that I saw, I haven't seen any in several weeks, so I think they were just passing through from the dog. It is also possible that they came home on us from the barn, so maybe I shouldn't be TOO quick to blame the MIL  :p
  • Do you have any pets of your own? My DH lived in an apartment complex that got infested with fleas thanks to a neighbor's negligence. He treated his cat for fleas (like Advantage or some other month-long treatment). The fleas were attracted to the cat, so they all went straight for it and died because of the treatment. It worked perfectly and dealt with the infestation no problem.

    I found that the powder they sell in pet stores really doesn't work that well. I did 3 treatments when I brought a stray cat home, and it hardly made a dent. As soon as I did a treatment of Advantage on her, everything cleared right up, though.
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