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Just need a buddy

I just feel so alone. I guess I just need someone to talk with. I have other mom friends but they spend time with their family and my boyfriend says I need to let him have a hobby so he's busy. I ABSOLUTELY love being a mom and I love my little man more than I ever thought possible but sometimes I just want to run away. Working ten hours everyday mon-sat and trying to be a house wife and a full time mom is soooo exhausting. I thought I was going to have help.

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  • I know what you mean! I have a very part time job and only work 2 days a week, however i feel very alone in this as well because my husband works so much. I love my daughter, but by the end of the day i need a break and he comes home exhausted as well and just doesn't have the energy to play with her. Then 2 hours later she goes to bed, and so do i.
    I also have basically no friends, before pregnancy i had a few but after i stopped partying, they all disappeared. I keep wanting to go to a mommy and me class but never make it out of the house in time (it's at 10am) so i keep just trying to do what I'm doing but it gets very isolating. are there any mommy and me classes around you that you can join?
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  • Unless your baby is an amazing sleeper/independently entertained, I think it's fine to talk with your SO about how his "hobby" time really needs to be when the baby is down for the night. If you're both working, then you both should have to split all the home responsibilities--it's way too much to do everything for all 3 of you by yourself just so he can have hobby time. It sucks to not be able to get alone time to do things you want during normal waking hours, but I'm told it doesn't last forever (please, please, please be true!!) and he can choose to hobby it up and/or sleep (my current hobby) after baby is sleeping. But you shouldn't be doing everything or feel like you're in this alone--that's really unfair. I hope it gets better!!!
  • I feel the same way. I am a mom of six. My self and husband both work full time . We tag team so I do days he does nights. You would think with six kids how could I possibly feel so lonely but I do.  Started crying for no reason at all last night    I have work friends but nothing out of work. No one really wants to hang out with a mom and kids .  I am the one too cook clean care for everyone but it's like everyone has forgotten about me.i love love love my kids but   Never would I have thought motherhood is so lonely.
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