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Father's Day

Hi ladies!

Is anyone doing anything special for their man for their first Father's Day? I want to do something sweet and meaningful, but don't have much extra cash to purchase a gift. Any DIY or inexpensive ideas?

Re: Father's Day

  • I just got my H a card (from LO), and bought a $3 handprint kit at Walmart. Since LO is too little to sign his name, I put his handprints on the inside of the card. Sweet and simple, and something he can keep forever. 
  • I got a plaster casting kit from Amazon. 
    Darice Precious Impressions Memory Hands Keepsake Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001CDQGV6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Tevzxb3B0D3TV
    It was $15 and hubby can cast his own hand with LO.  
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    to be honest, i told him that as his gift i'd just let him sleep in and relax. he didn't do much for on mother's day for me besides flowers (that he went out and bought at 11am that day after i had already been up for hours with LO) so I'm not really going to go all out for him this year lol
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    I did a photo session with my nice camera in our sunroom and put the pics in two frames then made an album with the rest. They turned out pretty well and look professional so he was quite pleased. Especially since we dropped the ball on getting newborn photos.

    ETA: I obviously gave it to him a day early. I love giving gifts and can never wait. The excitement is nearly unbearable for me lol
  • I got a couple of wooden letters from target and took pictures of LO holding (mostly chewing on) them. I'm going to get a 3 picture frame and get them printed so he has a frame that has pictures of her saying Dad. Luckily he has to work tomorrow so I have time to get them printed and get a frame
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    Well, my H has been begging for a new saw for a couple months and kept saying it would be a good Father's Day gift. I've been trying to get him to go to the doctor for an annual exam for about 4 years. So, his gift is the saw in the condition that he goes to the doctor first! (the saw will come out of our joint account, so it's no pennies out of my pocket!)

    ETA: in the event that any of your partners complain about their gift, you can tell them that at least you didn't force them to go to the doctor to get it like some people do ;)



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  • DH is a huge cardinals fan and a bit of a sap. I got him a Cardinals #1 Dad shirt from the MLB shop (which is super cheesy and he'll be soooo excited about) and a cardinals wall mounted bottle opener for the bar in the basement of our new house. Finding/planning gifts is my favorite thing so I think I'm more excited that he is about tomorrow!!!

    I wish I had thought to do pictures! They're adorable!
  • Put the poem from the Internet into Microsoft word, printed it, bought a frame at kohls with 30% off coupon and used the $5 ink print kit from wal-mart and voila! 
  • Such great gift ideas. We also have a 17yo son and a 14 yo son so we just came to Branson for the night, got a hotel and doing some shopping! I wish I would have made something sentimental as well though from the baby son. We already had a newborn shoot and family photos taken. I love the poem and the creativity of the pics in frames so sweet!! Oh and I did have to force DH to go the Dr last week lol. Men are so stubborn!  Good job mama's. 
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    DH got a job finally after being made redundant in October, but his job is in Africa! So LO and I are home alone for 6 weeks then he will get a break for 3 weeks. That means his first fathers day was spent in Africa, not with LO. So I sent him away with a card and present and last night we face timed with Maisie wearing her surprise fathers day vest
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