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so last week I took my son to a play group for the first time. I was hoping to meet other mums and for him to socialise and make friends, too. At the moment that centre has lots of kids there, under a scheme with a local nursery. The idea is to have those kids around others before starting nursery and being freaked out. That's fine, I know it will calm down and the regulars will be back. So anyway, there was not one person I thought I'd have a connection with. They were all very different to me. Eg their kids are ferral, doing what they want while mums are either on their phones or looking around moodily. I don't know how to explain this without coming across big headed...so being disappointed, but decided to go back this week. I have one major issue which is hygiene!! The toys there are so dirty and disgusting! They must never clean them. There is dirt in gaps and between keys on the instruments, the bouncers are too small, the carpet is dirty etc. I think I have to take anti bac wipes! Shouldn't they provide some level of health and safety? Anyone else come across this problem? There aren't many of these groups in my area and I can't travel anywhere since they are during the day and I am nipping out of work for those play dates.
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