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  • Between being diagnosed with gestational diabetes early at 15 weeks, working full time (all night shifts), getting twice a week NST, slight high blood pressure, to top it off I get a call this morning that I tested positive for GBS and need antibiotics during labor. Fuck you universe. 
  • @Nerdchild what an ass! It sounds like you're perfectly healthy to me. 

    It seems like everyone's kind of dealing with really sh!tty people today! I'm with @PootsDragon:

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  • aimz2377 said:
    I'm over peeing in a tiny cup each week. It's like a sick joke. My arms can't coordinate that. 
    The people that test my pee must think I'm blind at this point. I also get like a teaspoon in there and say yep that has to be enough. 
  • @brandiK me too! I feel like each week it gets harder and harder. It's like an obstacle course!
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  • Stupid body can't get it's shit together, literally. So I'm in L and D and now just want to put my pants on and go home to rest. 
  • @schaze yeah I'm good I have a virus or something so just have to keep pumping the fluids and let it pass 
  • I am so over everyone.

    My mother sends me a text every day asking "How's Buddy?" Buddy is our older dog that she kindly talked us into doing further testing on and possibly saving well beyond what time we thought he had. I am forever grateful but a text every single day is ridiculous. What do you think I'm going to say?!? Man mom, today Buddy jumped across our bed and ran a marathon! He's an older dog. He has improved but nothing warranting a daily text for updates. She also told me she plans to hang on to some of the clothes she's purchased so she has things at her house. Newborn clothes. NEWS FLASH mom but the baby will not ever need newborn clothes at your house because he won't be staying there in the first month you nut!! Add me to the list of people that will need to remind my mother that this isn't her baby!!!

    Then I sold something to a lady thru the FB yard sale site. She commented back Darn, looks like these aren't going to work after all I miss measured. Is that my problem? Do I now need to arrange a time to meet again and give her her money back?!? Ugh!! 
  • @TiffRox81 wth at that fb lady?? You're not Walmart! I would just ignore her comment I mean she bought it from a fb group.
  • @TiffRox81 wth at that fb lady?? You're not Walmart! I would just ignore her comment I mean she bought it from a fb group.
  • Thanks for the validation @victoria98 and @PinkLady2015. That's what I'm thinking. She didn't come right out and ask so I can assume no response is needed! 
  • @Nerdchild sorry your doctor is such a douche bag. With having issues with eating disorders myself I def. Feel your pain! Don't let that fucker bring you down! Thankfully female doctors are more compassionate and understanding with weight gain, imo! Chin up, mama! 
  • @Kellyj103 I actually like that my mom has a decent set up at her house because I can come over there and not have to bring a bunch of stuff. What I don't like is my MIL putting pressure on me to let her babysit ASAP and acting like it's her right to have him "to herself" as often as she likes. If she wants a car seat it's fine with me, she just seems to think she will be using it right away which will not happen. 
  • Eko14Eko14 member
    Laughing too hard at the lotion comment and the replies to follow. I thought it was weird when my mom asked if my milk had arrived yet and poked my boobs, but the lotion/song combo definitely is the creepiest. 
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  • My god, you guys are making me realize how un-awkward my pregnancy has been in comparison. Although... The husband has a creepy grandpa who is getting a bit crazy. He is known as the "close talker." He has to be IN your bubble, leaning in, while talking to you. We were over for a big family dinner one night and I was in line getting my food. He walked up behind me, stuck his hand out, and hovered it over the side of my belly for a second. I swear it all happened in slow motion. I'm thinking in my head, "Don't you fucking do it." Then he makes contact. I've had people I know touch my belly but they have asked and it wasn't weird at all. This. Was weird. The gma said out loud, "Did you ask before you touched?" And he said, "Well, kind of." No mofo, you did not. 
  • Ok @stellaluna14 @jennyleigh16 I would get creeped out with both of those situations! I would probably be really annoyed. Especially the belly rub! Did you ask her to stop?!
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  • @Kellyj103 I just cringed and let her do it for a minute or two, because I have a tendency to snap at her and then she cries.

     MH is constantly telling me that she means well and to "be nice to your mother". 

    I've subtly mentioned in front of her that I don't really like to be touched and she has repeatedly said "I'm the grandma, of course I'm allowed to touch your belly." FML 
  • @jennyleigh16 WTF?! I am mortified for you!! Did you tell her to stop?!
  • @jennyleigh16 what on earth did you do?! I think I would die if my mil ever did that to me and I would never be able to sing that song without thinking about that.. So creepy!! 
  • My bitch is that I'm heartbroken. I had to put my dog down yesterday after his paralysis started progressing and affecting his breathing muscles, which apparently is a thing. He was doing so well after his surgery but his little body just kept getting more and more limp. I got him as a puppy right before I moved to LA and we went through break-ups, moves, grad school, marriage, and residency together.  I get to leave this sh*thole city in less than a month and I was so excited to give him a big yard for the first time and to have him meet our little girl and keep me company during late night feedings. He was my little shadow and I miss him so much already. This f*cking sucks and pregnancy hormones are not helping.
  • @jennyleigh16 Omg!!! No!! What are these ladies thinking?! That sounds a lot like my mom!! So frustrating!!!!!
  • @mnkenned I am so sorry about your pup! 
  • @mnkenned :( I am so sorry!!! 
  • @mnkenned I am so sorry!  That is heartbreaking!
  • @mnkenned Omg I am so sorry for your loss and that you're going through that. There is nothing easy about going through a loss during pregnancy. I really am so sad for you....as someone that's struggling with an aging pet right now too.
  • @mnkenned oh my gosh, I'm so sorry :( this is my worst nightmare, I can't even imagine what you must be going through and feeling.. So so sorry.
  • @mnkenned so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine losing one of my fur babies. Especially during pregnancy.  Biggest hugs.
  • So so sorry for your loss @mnkenned I can't imagine going through the loss of my dog at all, let alone now during pregnancy! Take care of yourself xo
  • @mnkenned So sorry about your dog. I hope you get enough time to grieve and heal before baby comes. 

    About the lotion massage. Shut that shit down. I'm lucky I come from a no-touchy family but DH is a very touchy Portuguese family and I have to find clever, inoffensive ways to avoid unnecessary contact. So uncomfortable. 
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