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Monday Bytchfest

Monday, Monday. 
"I still think I am the greatest."
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Re: Monday Bytchfest

  • I'm so over working. And the worst part of it is that I'm getting a new boss, and my old boss (who I really like and admire) totally called me on it! Being called out on my lack of motivation and enthusiasm has made me feel so guilty and embarrassed. I keep thinking to myself, "Just a few more weeks..." Then I can just have a clean slate with a new boss and start over.
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  • I know his has been said a lot recently, but seriously - All these aches and pains!!! I feel like this kid spends all night/early morning practicing for some sort of MMA tournament. And I wake up every morning feeling defeated. I really could not imagine still being at work. I'm pretty sure they'd be asking me to leave if I were still showing up because my attitude and desire to do anything would be so terrible!! 
  • I feel like this could go in symptoms but I'm feeling really b*tchy about it today so I'll post it here instead. Overall total discomfort today. My feet are swollen, my back & shoulders are stiff, my fingers/hands are tingly/numb. The chair at my desk is completely uncomfortable and I'm slouching in it for comfort on my back putting baby up to my ribs and making it hurt there. I'm exhausted and have a meeting this afternoon that will probably last until after 6pm... I have a whole new reason to hate Monday.

  • We're required to do a time study at work today and tomorrow so I'm 100% accountable for the work I do (or don't do) for the next 2 days.  It's a slow week anyways and with my lack of motivation I'm stressed about it since I can't just be physically present at my desk, I need to actually do crap.
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  • eymieymi member
    Work for me, too. I'm a bartender and I just don't know if I can do it anymore. I talked to SO last night and today might be my last day working until after the baby. I wanted to work through the end of the month - and I'm already down to 2 or 3 days a week - but I'm still exhausted from being on my feet all day yesterday. My legs hurt, I feel bulky and enormous.. And then the girl who was supposed to work with me today called out. I'm over it and haven't even made it to work yet.
  • DD and I both have horrible allergies (she's 6 but ended up taking 2 naps on her own yesterday) - I didn't sleep at all last night. And DH, who has no allergies, is home sick today, ended up getting up at 2am puking with some random stomach bug. I've been cleaning the house today to hopefully rid this place of whatever germs and allergens are floating around.
  • Contractions!!!  I am 35 weeks today, but for the past 4-5 days I've started getting contractions more frequently. I got monitored, and they aren't pre-term labor, just annoying and painful.  Last night I had 3-4 of them that were so painful I worried it might be the start of labor (but luckily they stopped).
    I just need to make it at least a few more weeks until closer to my due date, and I hope these contractions aren't going to be a regular thing for the rest of my pregnancy.
  • My cousin has lived with us since she moved up here from California last year. This morning I see on Facebook that her cousin from the other side of the family that I have met once in my life BOUGHT A PLANE TICKET TO COME VISIT HER HERE IN ONE MONTH. I am due in three weeks. DID ANYONE THINK TO CHECK IF I WANTED A FUCKING HOUSEGUEST WITH A NEWBORN? NOPE. 

    Yikes - Some people do not think at all!
  • lucy2113lucy2113 member
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    I don't feel like working today. My nausea isn't horrible but the more active I am the worse it gets. I also don't want to deal with the HR lady that's been a total ass about my FMLA. I have 8 minutes before I have to actually get up and go. I hate Monday's. Sick day??

    eta: work is slowly killing me. 
  • joleri23 said:
    I'm so over working. And the worst part of it is that I'm getting a new boss, and my old boss (who I really like and admire) totally called me on it! Being called out on my lack of motivation and enthusiasm has made me feel so guilty and embarrassed. I keep thinking to myself, "Just a few more weeks..." Then I can just have a clean slate with a new boss and start over.
    I'm with ya! Although my boss hasn't called me out on it, yet. I'm patiently waiting for her to write me up due to poor performance. Come on July 15th! 
  • setoshsetosh member
    So. Tired. Working 1-9 tonight and then going to a doctors appointment tomorrow then working 2-10. Turning around and working 9-5 Wednesday. I'm so sick of work. My last day is July 14th and it couldn't come any faster. I'm wondering if the baby will come before I make it that far. Work is too stressful and being on my feet all day is killing my back. 
  • I have never been one to complain about nurses because I know they do so much work and it's kind of a thankless job. But I am so done with this one nurse at my clinic. She's done maybe two or three of my NSTs and every single time makes some hurtful comment about how I'm only 23 and am having issues with high blood pressure. It makes me think she's somehow implying it's my fault and it makes me feel crappy. She also accused me today of messing with the NST machine-volume, cords, paper, etc. Only 3 more of these tests, but I'm really hoping I don't have to see her again!
  • F that @stellaluna14 make her get the cousin a hotel room.

    my bitch is sleep.  I'd really prefer to fall asleep before 3am on a daily basis.
  • My continuous bitch is sleep, if I don't get some soon, I am going to lose it.

    My second bitch is my FIL, who has always been a quiet man, until my last trimester, where he has to make rude comments/ask uncomfortable questions.  I have seen him the last 4 weekends, and each time he has something to the effect of, "Whoa you are huge, you are getting bigger every time I see you", "How much weight have you gained, are you going to lose it when the baby is born", "Are you really eating again", and my favorite "Has your milk come in yet".  WTF! He never says any of this in front of DH, but damn, keep your comments to yourself!  
  • Our upstairs toilet broke today. I spend most of my bed rest in our bedroom where it's nice and cool, which is upstairs. Now I have to go downstairs every single time I need to pee, which as you know is very very often. I'm exhausted and I've only made the up and down three times so far today. 
  • @schaze WTF? She accused you of messing with the machine? What a freak!!!! Infuriating.

    @adough27 I would punch your FIL in the face, especially since he only says it when your DH isn't around! Next time he makes a comment just lay into him: "Yep, I'm pregnant. What's YOUR excuse?"
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  • @schaze oh hells to the no. You squash that nurse and you squash her hard. There's no excuse for that shit at all.

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  • @Kellyj103 my MIL keeps telling me that too! It doesn't help any that I have gd, so I'm already worried about that!  I keep having dreams I birth a 14lb baby because she says it so damn much!
  • NerdchildNerdchild member
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    Thanks @Weville and @blissylissy86. The female o.b. I see never says a word about my weight, my male o.b. brings it up at EVERY appt I have with him. I hope he doesn't treat all of his patients this way. 

    Eta: thanks as well to @AAAG13
  • @nerdchild, I agree with everyone else, you are eating healthy and working hard at growing a little one and you are doing a great job. I have gained 43 lbs. and I am almost 36 weeks and my doctor has said nothing to me about it.
  • @thepen15ismighty I should only need to see him 2 more times, tops, until they would induce me, less if she comes before that. I'm secretly hoping that I have a monster-sized baby and that he is the one to deliver her. I would love to have that 'I told you so!' moment. 
  • @Nerdchild 30lbs in 36 weeks is absolutely amazing, and you should be proud of yourself for eating so healthy!! No way I'm eating that well, and I'm not worried at all. Baby is getting fed like royalty. Forget what he says, and request the woman if you can. Go you! 
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