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  • Jodi1980 said:
    LF93 said:
    I read an article online yesterday about a woman who quit her job in order to breastfeed her boyfriend every two hours. Bare in mind, she doesn't actually lactate and 90% of the time it leads to sex between them. Each to their own when it comes to deciding how long to breastfeed for but that to me is just too weird.

    Edit to add link: https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/1242796/i-breastfeed-my-boyfriend-mum-36-uses-pumps-and-pills-to-help-her-feed-her-gym-buff-lover-every-two-hours/

    I just read the same story but different article and trying not to judge but how can you not:

    "In order to start the process, the pair has consistently been dry feeding and pumping every two hours in an attempt to induce lactation. "I want to devote everything to making this work," she said. "Nights have been a struggle because Brad sleeps so peacefully but we manage to cope — until he falls asleep latched onto me, which is beautiful."

    Oh man...I just feel like it's a fetish more than the aspect of breastfeeding but it's just my opinion!
    this makes me even more uncomfortable.
  • @PootsDragon UGH YES. I love my dog a stupid amount, I mean a ridiculous amount, but it is in no way the same! Next time someone compares you should ask them what it was like to push a dog out of their vag and see if that sinks in. 
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  • My UO relates to dogs as well.  Dogs who are not walked on leashes or when a dog is tied outside of a store or restaurant for a long period of time.  I don't care how well trained your dog is, what if another dog goes after it, or something upsets your dog, there is no controlling what will happen next.

    As for tying your dog outside of a restaurant/store, I can understand if you have to run into to grab something quickly (assuming your dog has a good temperament), but leaving a dog out for an extended period of time is not fair to the dog or the people that have to walk past that dog.  For example, last night I was walking my dog, and we turned a corner and there was a pit bull secured by a chain to a bicycle railing in front of a restaurant, the pit bull immediately went for my dog and in doing so snapped the chain that secured him, my very docile dog held his own (growled back, bared teeth, I think just protecting his mama) as I dragged him away from the other dog, hoping the pit bull would let up, assuming it was a territorial thing.  As this was going down, the owner was no where in site and several other people just watched as an 8 month pregnant lady tried to stop a pit bull from injuring her dog/herself. After the 2 dogs separated, I took a detour and as I was returning home with my dog, the owner of the pit bull simply found his dog and re-tied him to the bicycle rack, while he returned to the restaurant, hello, your dog snapped a chain once, bring him home, and then hang out with your friends at the restaurant.  That dog went after my dog, but what if it was a kid?! Ugh, it just annoys me.
  • @randishane011804 I was going to suggest a tether as well, just make sure to use a harness or something other than a collar if there's any way she could get hung up on something and accidentally suffocate. We live in the country so no dogs escaping, but we put our mini Mancha goat out on a tether with a harness so he can eat weeds in the non-ittybittygoat-proof pastures. 
  • @adough27 I would have called the police!  That could have turned into a really bad situation!
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  • My UO, I prefer "Grease 2" to "Grease"
    Yas!!! And now I have Cool Rider stuck in my head..,

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  • Ugh, @adough27 I would have freaked the F out. And I'm usually a calm person!! That's terrible!!! I'm glad you and your dog are ok and couldn't agree more with your UO!! 

    We we too have two dogs that have been in our lives for 10 years now. Spoiled rotten the whole time!! I definitely realize they're nothing like the baby about to enter our lives but I am thankful for some of the things they've taught us while raising them!! 
  • MamaBish said:
    My UO, I prefer "Grease 2" to "Grease"
    Yas!!! And now I have Cool Rider stuck in my head..,

    But not the reproduction song?

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  • My neighborhood is full of people who leave their chihuahuas loose all the time and it's seriously so annoying! I can't walk my dog without one coming up and instigating her making her freak out. 
  • We have a neighbor who lets their dog out into the culdesac to roam free. It's a nice dog but it likes to come up to our yard while our dogs are out back and it will just stand there and instigate a barkfest. That and it shits in our front yard. It hasn't happened lately, but you can bet I'll be bagging that shit up and dropping it off on his porch, Billy Madison style, if it starts happening again. They have a fenced in back yard too, so I'm not sure why it's out front all the time. 
  • @randishane011804 I know I should have, my husband told me the same thing, but since we thankfully were okay, and the dog was "secured" again I didn't want to bother the authorities. We live in a city and I feel they have much bigger issues to deal with.

    @TiffRox81, I am pretty chill myself! I did MF everyone that stared at me as the whole thing went down!
  • @randishane011804 We had this issue with our lab for a long time since we have an old chain link and she managed to push through the bottom of it in multiple places (it sounds like that's where your dog is managing to get out too?) We couldn't/can't afford a new fence, but my DH was able to use wire to tie down the broken bottom sections that she was getting through. Maybe you could try it? Since you have a little dog, you may even be able to stack some cinder blocks in front of any gaps as a temporary solution. I'm sorry you're dealing with that, I hated letting my dog out knowing I would inevitably have to chase her through the neighborhood! It was the worst, and I can't even imagine doing it at 8.5 months pregnant!!!! 
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  • MamaBish said:
    My UO, I prefer "Grease 2" to "Grease"
    Yas!!! And now I have Cool Rider stuck in my head..,

    But not the reproduction song?
    Make my stamen go berserk :)
  • My absolute favorite is the "let's do it for our country" song. Love. 
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