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Hawaiian-ish Girl Name help

So my DH previously lived in Hawaii & plans on moving there again eventually, but our daughter will probably be at least 16 before that happens. So she will grow up in TX. (Which means her name will be said with a southern accent).  He is set on giving her a first name with a Hawaiian origin, but we can't agree on anything. At all. His first suggestions were Iolani & Ualani which I immediately vetoed. He also suggest Leilani which I don't hate...but I'm not sure if I love either. I like Kaia or Kai, he said no to both of those. So we are back to the drawing board. I've been toying with Alana but am afraid he will veto that as well. Any other suggestions? MN will more than liley be Kay, after my mom. Last name is two syllables, starts with an N.

Re: Hawaiian-ish Girl Name help

  • I would not give a Hawaiian name to a child with no Hawaiian heritage. 
    Ditto. Maybe middle name?

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  • I think Alana Kay is really pretty. (I am pronouncing is that correct?)
  • I have a friend who is Cuban but her parents honeymooned in Hawaii (or something, I forget the story) and they named her Lani. Totally suits her!
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    @jamiesc58 Thanks - I think so too! And yes, that's how I pronounce it. Alana is of Hawaiian origin, but I don't think it's too "out there"...meaning I don't think she is required to be of Hawaiian heritage to carry that name.

    There are hundreds of names that are of origins other than English that perfectly acceptable even if the child is not of that particular heritage...Caroline & Vivienne are French, Adeline & Heidi are German, Erin & Finley are I'm curious about the theory above. Does this apply in those circumstances as well?

    My hope for reaching out to this board was to seek advice & other ideas that may not have crossed my mind yet.

  • I love Leilani! What about Alani? 
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    Great explanation @bbiutmcph - I appreciate your input! And agree. This is why I haven't agreed to any of DH's suggestions thus far. I was hoping to come up with other somewhat "mainstream" names that also have Hawaiian ties, as to satisfy us both.
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    Kaessi said:
    Great explanation @bbiutmcph - I appreciate your input! And agree. This is why I haven't agreed to any of DH's suggestions thus far. I was hoping to come up with other somewhat "mainstream" names that also has some Hawaiian ties, as to satisfy us both.
    That's the thing though, Hawaiian names are not mainstream. 

    Eta ( fucking post eating )

    Alana, like you have.


    That's about it. Pretty much any other name is gonna look real awkward on a non Hawaiian kid.
  • I love Alana and the suggestion of Leia, but agree with above posts about the heritage stuff.

    possible suggestions:

    Names without Hawaiian origin but have a similar feel:
    Maya- Hebrew meaning water
    Morgan- Welsh meaning sea
    Sandra nn Sandy
    Michelle nn Shelley?
    Coraline or Cora

    Thats about all I've got!
  • What about something like Luna?

  • I don't know, I mean you're talking about a *possible* move to Hawaii in 16 years... Would you be disappointed if someday you don't move to HI and you named your daughter something that you liked because of "someday we're going to move to HI?!"


  • My H's fam is from Hawaii and it is such a melting pot of Asians, Pacific Islanders and native Hawaiians etc that I find this restrictive idea regarding using Hawaiian names surprising and unpleasant. Go with what you're comfortable with.
  • Alana with a NN of Lana sounds pretty and not over the top.
  • I think Alana is really pretty and doesn't scream "Hawaiian." Potential nicknames could be Lana or Lani.

    I''ll also throw in Lea and Mona.
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  • I loved the suggestion Kiana.
    I think that naming a child something connected to a different culture can also be honouring that culture...especially if your family has personal connections to that culture.
  • Love Alana. I don't think I would go with something that's overtly Hawaiian if the child won't have any Hawaiian heritage. 

    Other "mainstream sounding" Hawaiian names for you to throw around:


    Also Roselani, this one is iffy to me because it does sound very Hawaiian but she could also have the NN's Rose or Lani, which don't sound obviously Hawaiian.
  • Well, I do hear Makena a lot, though usually spelled McKenna or some other putrid way. Makena is a beach on Maui. NMS, but I wouldn't side eye it too hard. Alana is beautiful, though, and it's mainstream enough that I don't immediately associate it with Hawaii.
  • I think this is a good example of a post that blows up on the Bump, but I have a hard time believing that any of us would ever have the same discussions with our IRL friends. I don't hold any judgements on what had been said - I simply can't see my girlfriends and I talking baby names and having to defend our reasonings for using (or not using) a certain name! That is the beauty of the bump though! Lots of informed strangers with lots of information!

    I like Malia a lot and I've seen it on children with Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian heritage. 

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  • Also, Hana - another beautiful place on Maui - some people might think you are being special with the spelling, but I like it. Pat Benatar named her daughter Hana, and you know, she's awesome.
    FYI, Hana and Hannah are pronounced differently (at least around here) which could lend itself to some confusion.  
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