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Should I go to conference at 38 weeks pregnant?

I have a 1-day work conference that I have the option of going to. It is not mandatory at all, but I would definitely like to go, for several boring reasons I won't get into :)  It is about an hour drive and I would be driving myself. I would leave around 7:15am and it ends around 1:15pm, so I could be home by 2:30. Doctor says its up to me so that was no help :) Any similar stories (good or bad!) that will help me decide??? Thanks!!! 

Re: Should I go to conference at 38 weeks pregnant?

  • How far along are you now? If you can, I'd leave it as a last minute decision, because while you may be feeling alright now, a full day of walking and networking may not be as feasible at 38 weeks. I know my swelling and tiredness in the 3rd tri came on overnight. I'd also recommend at least having a colleague with you so if you do go into labor you'll have someone to drive you home/to hospital.
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  • I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow (so conference is next week). I guess I use the term 'conference' loosely. It's pretty informal. It is broken up into 3 sections/lectures so most of the day I'll be sitting/listening. I could stand in the back of the room if I need to though.
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  • I agree that I would go. My midwife suggested a 2 hour driving radius during the last few weeks. Unless you're having early labor symptoms or have an intuition about not going, I'd do it. Not too far and sounds like an enjoyable enough day.
  • Absolutely, only an hour drive, why not?
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  • I would go. I'm almost 38 weeks and still driving myself an hour to work each way every day. It would be like any other day, where you just wouldn't go if you started having contractions or something happened. 
  • I would go.  Stay busy!!!
  • I would go!! I am going 3.5 hrs away for a conference when I'm 37 weeks. My hubby is driving up there with me. Then he'll hang out with my brother since he lives there. 
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  • I'm 38w plus, and the only reason I'm no longer driving to work is because the traffic is unpredictable and all the sitting was killing my back. I would absolutely do a one day thing though.

  • I would totally go. It doesn't really seem like a huge deal, and it isn't far. 
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