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Milk question

Everything I read says no cows milk until after 1 yr old. I am fine with that. My question is, things say that whole milk yogurt and cheeses are okay though, but isn't whole milk cows milk? I don't want to give my 9 month old any yogurt or cheese until I know for sure. (I'm in no hurry to give him any "people" food).

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  • The problem with milk is the lactose. Yogurt and cheese are fine before a year old because there is a lot less lactose in them than straight whole cow's milk. I would suggest starting with just a little and see if you notice anything wrong. Just like you would with any other new food. Usually the warning signs are vomiting, diarrhea or a rash. I've been giving my daughter dairy products since around 7 months and she's done fine with them. Everything in moderation.
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  • Our doctor recommended introducing whole milk in their oatmeal at mealtime so they can adjust easier when we decide to give them plain milk
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  • Same here.  We slowly introduced whole milk yogurt (stonybrook or whatever it's called).  I would mix it with oatmeal or give it to him straight with fruit mixed in with it.  Just a little at a time.  Now he is at the point where he can eat about ....a half cup of the stuff?  Maybe less, maybe more  I just eyeball it.  Unfortunately it will cause some slight constipation so make sure you are giving plenty of fluid.  As with cheese he just really isn't a fan of it lol so I plan on reintroducing it again soon. 
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