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Diaper Leaks Out the Leg - Help!

DD will be 5 weeks tomorrow and was 8 lbs 4 oz at her checkup last week. We had her in NB size diapers for about a month, and Pampers Swaddlers were our favorite out of everything we tried (Huggies, Honest Co, Seventh Gen). We moved her up to size 1 about a week ago when the NBs started getting too tight. We had a couple diaper blowouts with the NB size, but now with size 1 she seems to be leaking out the leg almost every day. At first I was putting the diaper on super tight, but I read that that might be the culprit , so I stopped. I'm also making sure that the cuffs are out like the Pampers site says. However, when she kicks I can still see a gap between her and the diaper.

TLDR: critique my diapering skills, please!

Re: Diaper Leaks Out the Leg - Help!

  • Just a guess but it looks like it needs to be pulled up a bit higher on her back and the tabs loosened a little... they look a little tight to me. 
  • Ditto on the diaper looking too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers snugly between the diaper and baby's stomach.
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  • Thanks so much, I'll try that!
  • I'm having the leaking issue with huggies! We are switching back to pampers after this box of huggies is gone 
  • Pampers were our favorites too but we ran into similar issues as you because DD has skinny thighs. We found that Luvs actually fit her shape the best, although I hate the monkey print on them!!
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    Often you need to try different kinds of diapers to find what works best. We tried 5 or so different kinds of diapers before settling on the best one for us. 
  • DD was long and skinny and we had the same problem. Try different brands. We found Target's Up&Up fit her best and I have many friends who swear by them as well. Bonus: they're cheaper!
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  • If you pull the front edges up sort of diagonally, it will tighten the leg hole.
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  • Idk if this works with disposables but with cloth you can twist the tabs to make the leg hole smaller without making the waist smaller.  Perfect for thin legged babies.
  • @adiaz132003 do you have a picture of what you mean by twist the tabs? I do cloth and have this issue but can't figure out what tabs you mean to twist
  • We still have DD in nb size pampers. She's 9 weeks today and just over 10.5 lbs. Size 1's just don't fit her yet so she's staying in nbs until her little tush gets bigger. 

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  • I was having the same problem with LO diapers, what seemed to help me was raise the back part of the diaper a little higher and tighten the straps a little more ... LO is now 10 weeks and i haven't had any problems anymore

  • I would indeed try to put them on a little less tight on top, have them a wee bit higher on the back and check if you have taken out the 'flaps' on the sides around the legs. If these are inside only a little there will be leakage. 
    Not sure you understand what I mean.. so I added a picture where I'm holding the 'flap' as my little girl just went to sleep I can't show it on her.


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  • When my LO grew out of NB pampers I used NB target up&up brand as they were a little bigger. Eventually I switched to size 1 and babyGanics were the smallest and those fit nice, the pampers and huggies size 1 were just a little biggger. I find that just switching and trying different brands at this stage is best because they all fit a little differently/better at different points as the baby grows.
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