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    LadyFleck said:
    FFFC: I've never opened the Names thread. I feel like names are a personal decision and I think reading everyone's opinions on everyone else's names would annoy me. And I didn't want the yellow notification staring me in the face every time someone posted. I'm a bad person for not wanting to participate but I'm confident you all will love the names you end up with. 
    Wait does this actually bother people? There are plenty of threads I have opened once and never gone back. The yellows don't phase me.

    Do you also hate having any unread emails? I know it's an overdone FFFC but I have loads of unread messages (that I know aren't important just by skimming them) and don't care.
    DD1: Born January 2013
    DD2: Due July 12, 2016
    Two rescue dogs 

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    Must agree with PPS, hate notifications with the fire of a million suns. I removed the Pinterest app from my home screens because that notification bubble kills me. 
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    When I see the yellow notifications I have to click. I can't not click. 
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    @jwittwer just catching up & wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your family dog. I'll be snuggling mine a little tighter today. Hugs  <3
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