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Strange Pop in Belly

Hey y'all! I'm pregnant with my second baby and about 3 times now, I've felt this weird "pop" in my belly.  It's always when I'm sitting or laying down and I'm yawning or taking a deep breath. I don't think it's the baby because it's been high up, like above my belly button and to the right.  I never felt this with my first so I have no idea what it is!! Has anyone else experienced this?? I have a dr appointment Tuesday but I can't wait till then, I have to know if anyone else knows what it is! It almost feels like someone is poking me from the outside. 

Thanks in advance!! 

Re: Strange Pop in Belly

  • I had this all the time with my first. Doctors had no answers for me
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    I get this all the time when I sneeze, cough too hard, or stretch and/or twist a certain way. Scares the crap outta me, but no issues.
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  • It's probably just a small separation of your ab muscles. I have the same thing. 
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  • I have the same thing- it happens when i twist my torso sometimes. It happened the other day when I got into bed and i thought my son was poking me with his finger in the belly. I don't remember feeling this with my first!
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    I bet you it's your ligament flicking over the bone of your pelvis. I'm sure it's fine :) I have that in my hip, it clicks/pops every time I move a certain way. Still mention it to the doc.
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  • Thank y'all so much! Y'all have helped eased my mind! I'll definitely still talk to my dr about it though! 
  • I have the same thing.  It's like and elastic snaping then feeling something pushing out. I couldn't explain it to my dr.  I just realized it's when I use my an muscles to sit up or turn so I've started using my arms and bending/moving more careful.  It feels like a baby moving in the 3rd trimester.  Weird as heck! 
  • I'm going through this too it happens when I move to fast or turn while sitting/laying. I think it's just everything moving and being pushed up so when we move to fast or whatever it causes our insides to shift also. My Dr said it was normal
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