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Let's talk about it. No shame here. Who else is dying? I haven't been taking stool softeners (not good to take them long term), but I have upped my fruits and veggies and water to a gallon a day to no avail. I go every day, but combined with the hemmorhoids (yeah pregnancy/delivery!) it is so difficult and painful. I have a lot of GI discomfort throughout the day, too. 

So, who wants to commiserate? What's working for you? I'm thinking of picking up some Benefiber at the store this week. 



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Re: Constipation

  • I've gotten better since the 2 month mark or so but I think cutting out diary helped (it was upsetting my son's tummy but also helped me). I also try to up my fruit and veggies as you mentioned. My OB had mentioned a suppository that is supposed to help with internal and external hemmroids but I never had to use it. Hope you feel better soon!
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    I'd never had this issue til post partum. It sucks! Upped fruit and veg and went to the doc re: the hemorrhoids which helped. It's so so glamorous being a mummy!!!!! 
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  • I usually grit my teeth still when I go. I should probably see a doctor because it's really not back to normal.

    On the positive side, I go every other day and only take my "poop lemonade" if it doesn't happen on its own. It's what I was prescribed right after the birth (you dissolve the powder in water and it's lemon flavored), but I still have most of the box left. Luckily it usually goes fine with no poop lemonade needed, even if going is a bit painful. I drink LOTS of water, which probably helps at least a little bit. 
  • Ground Flax Seed!! It's amazing. You can sprinkle some in cereal, yogurt or a smoothie for breakfast (it has a light nutty flavor). I had IBS issues before I got preggo and it works wonders for all types of digestive issues. 
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