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Labor Buddy list!!

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Here is the official list.  I tried to break it up so no one is paired up with someone due at the same time.  The only exception is the two twin mamas who are due at the end of the month who I paired with people at the end since they expect to go several weeks early.

From here it's up to you guys to (privately) exchange whatever contact info you wish to share.  I'm still good friends with my LB from my old BMB so I hope this spawn some great friendships!!

LB #1 EDD             
DressageDarling 3-Aug
tisunge602 17-Aug
AliKay20 30-Jul
ShanRum3 14-Aug
Car0liiine 1-Aug
Emmeline714 15-Aug
jacmkelley 1-Aug
Allisun85 15-Aug
Knottie1442786653 1-Aug
JournoGrl23 15-Aug
lucypod 2-Aug
ThisisNumber3 16-Aug
Mfuller76 3-Aug
LynnLove28 17-Aug
Mrsrundell 3-Aug
msdidonato 17-Aug
skelly70 3-Aug
Tnallen107 17-Aug
karaszoo1 4-Aug
EhTheCatLady 18-Aug
Aallishally13 6-Aug
Nbphotogirl 18-Aug
1faceinacrowd 6-Aug
Curls919 19-Aug
Duffgurl 6-Aug
No more Miss 21-Aug
QueenBeeFamily 7-Aug
egreen486 21-Aug
MamaKSquared 8-Aug
midwestbaby 21-Aug
lblu43 9-Aug
MrsEWilson 21-Aug
megframe16 8/22 (prob a month early)
texasmama2014 21-Aug
tmk0325 8/25 (prob a month early)
justaudrey 22-Aug
ramoseecology 10-Aug
AMCooper000 22-Aug
AmandaG225 10-Aug
LWC1112 24-Aug
alyssajrob22 10-Aug
jamiesc58 24-Aug
tinkerbell11210 11-Aug
Bubblegum5586 25-Aug
SkiChic626 11-Aug
Katienu 25-Aug
Sabrina000216 11-Aug
sunnyhoney6512 25-Aug
LadyBear10 12-Aug
Sekerambo 27-Aug
BrunetteBabe722 13-Aug
Hannah0726 27-Aug
Kristynmac 13-Aug
lotsofsunshine 28-Aug
Lydiadiane 13-Aug
stephtess 28-Aug
skelly1990 13-Aug
Fremdschamen 29-Aug
JEMN 13-Aug
paulakathleen 30-Aug


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