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Rejecting a Doula

We are planning on using a doula for our birth and have met several over the last few weeks. We have found the one we like, but not sure how to say no to the others. You can't really say you're going in a different direction, and I don't want to offend anyone, so any recommendations on how to most appropriately let a doula you've interviewed know that you won't be selecting them???

Re: Rejecting a Doula

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    Hey, thanks but no thanks works great

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    Hello random person who has never offered support to others on this board but would like support now.

    You say no to them... Simple as that. 
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    Agree with prior posters. Nothing wrong with saying you went with someone else. You don't have to tell them who you picked. 
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    We had to do something similar with midwives and basically I just left it at while I think you're exceptionally qualified we just felt we clicked better with someone else
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