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UO Thursday

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Mine is that I really want to connect with some other moms but I truly hate mommy and me groups and pretty much all the usual get together things for moms. It gives me social anxiety even thinking about dealing with too many moms/kids in large groups. I know I'm probably a weirdo. It's a conundrum  :#

Re: UO Thursday

  • I need a break from my parents... They stress me out beyond normal levels. 
    But, my mom baby-sits for free so I don't have another option
  • ekscoppekscopp member
    @SBH041815 I am so with you. I am fortunate enough to have a friend who had a baby 3 months before me, so we have become really close. But I would love to meet some other moms but have absolutely no desire to go through any process to do it! 
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  • I do not have any desire to do baby groups. I went to one class and never went back. And stuff thats scheduled stresses me out. I have to make sure it doesnt interfere with a nap or feeding. And I stress that shell be grumpy or cry. No thanks. 
  • @ekscopp I wish I had a friend with a little one...that's great that you do! Makes things a lot easier!
    @cali1710 yeah it's annoying thinking of trying to plan to go around baby's naps etc. When baby has to sleep, baby has to sleep! 
  • kimber308kimber308 member
    edited May 2016
    Grandparents wanting to constantly be at our house drives me insane. We have so little time, and grandparents want 2-3 hours, sister-in-law wants her own block of time (2 hours), as well as my parents (though usually an hour or less). By the time that all adds up with naps thrown in, it's a whole day of our weekend. We have things we'd like to do around the house and yard, errands, shopping and whatnot, but everything gets put on the back burner. We are always stuck entertaining people!!! I need to learn to say no. 
  • @mom2be2016 I like the library idea, sounds low key...just like I like it  ;)
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