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    So last Christmas my mother bought my son and stepkids SO MUCH JUNK. Like wayyyy more than we even got them. They barely touched any of it. I want to tell her no more gifts this year but I know it will piss her off. 
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    I have no issue with extinction for sleeping training and very well may use it with my kiddo if needed.
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    I think I'm out of UOs...
    um...Pacquiao is better than Mayweather. Chipotle is better than Qdoba and Baja Fresh. Subway is better than Quiznos.

    On the parenting things you all have mentioned: my mother always gave me books for Christmas and birthdays. Necessities were bought as needed, and toys were a rarity. (Stuffed animals though...I've got a gazillion of those.) I like the "one thing you want, one thing you need, one thing to wear, and one thing to read" but I would probably spread it out somehow. 

    And as for sleeping, I am totally here for the "cry it out/self-soothing" sleep training but I think DH will cave. I did the same thing when crate training our dog and DH (and my mom) blew that to smithereens because they couldn't take the crying. But perhaps the "graduated" version will be better.
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    This past year for Christmas we tried not to go overboard with gifts for the kids, and opted for adding in things they need too, but my family way over did it.  They still have toys they haven't even seen that I haven't taken out for them yet.  We will be donating a bunch shortly and I think I am going to have to start requesting money towards college fund instead.

    My brain is too fried to think of my own UO today. I got nothing.
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    @HMcDade1 The chest idea is brilliant!! 
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    My UO is that shoes are totally over-rated.  Maybe it's the southern girl coming out in me, but I kind of wish I could just be barefoot and pregnant right now!  Too bad it's an OSHA violation. Poo on you OSHA, poo on you!
    P.S. Love these gift giving ideas!  Especially the chest idea!  We already go through DSs things and donate but he's getting to the age that he should be able to understand these things as well and we want him actively involved.

    Edit: for P.S., because my pregnancy brain does not function properly to have included it the first f'ing time.
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    I'm slightly jealous of y'alls parents and in-laws over gifting. Literall my own mother gave DD nothing for her 2nd Birthday. One month later she gave her a wash cloth. One freaking wash cloth. This coming from the woman that sews like crazy, and even sews enough random things to go and do SEVERAL craft fairs every summer to sell her shit. 
    So I guess my UO would be my child's grandparents don't buy/make/do things with my kids enough. We live in the same town.....
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    @Nerdchild wtf girl. That is bs.

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    My in laws are the worst for buying stuff for our kids! DH says its because they went a long time having barely any money so now they can they like to buy buy buy. Not for birthdays and Christmas, just always. 
    Ive pretty much said now any toys they buy can stay at their house because I don't want extra here but if they want to buy clothes or books/learning things they're always welcome 
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    bored. Someone say something controversial!!
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    We regularly clean out closets and toy boxes and donate to "little boys and girls who don't have these things". I've been doing it since before DS could even fathom economic disparity. Especially around Xmas time when he should be reminded about giving rather than getting. 
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    LF93LF93 member
    UO: I am so glad my hospital doesn't allow any visitors what so ever for the duration of the hospital stay. I think it's great to be able to bond with baby properly before all the family members descend and it becomes chaos. 
    Also I don't want any smokers holding baby, if their clothes smell that disgusting to me, I don't want my child inhaling what ever fumes off their clothes. That's going to annoy a lot of my family members. If they don't like it, they can lump it!
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    rnyland1 said:
    bored. Someone say something controversial!!
    I attempted to watch Orange is the New Black. I did not get the big deal about it. 
    Same here!!! The first few episodes were good but then it just got boring. I have no plans on finishing it. 
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    rnyland1 said:
    bored. Someone say something controversial!!
    I attempted to watch Orange is the New Black. I did not get the big deal about it. 
    This. I made it through the first season and that's all I could do. Just don't get the hype.
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    I live next to a playground. It's designed for little ones, so like up to age 5/6.( Older kids are of course allowed to play there, but the equipment is for littles.) 

    I totally am fine with regular kids playing sounds, but when your kid is just screaming at the top of his lungs at the other kids, hitting and pushing them too, for no apparent reason, it's a little excessive. Especially when it's followed up by yelling at him from across the playground to be quieter, stop hitting, etc. Over and over. I've heard this kid's name more times in the last hour and a half than I have heard my own name in the last month. Get up and go talk to him, lady. 
    That shit drives me crazy. Or some 10 year old that's too big for their britches and wants to start yelling all the curse words he's heard. Little boy, I will yank you up by your ears. Shut IT!
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    This is when @YeezusButters gets banned for profanity whilst our new friend Justine sits pretty
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