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Rash cream

Whats the best rash cream?
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Re: Rash cream

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    Grandma els is a great CD safe cream but if it's a really bad rash I just use desitin with a liner.
  • That depends on the cause of the rash.  It also depends on the fibers in the diapers.  

    My son hasn't needed much for rash creams in cloth diapers but I got the feeling that he'd need a layer of something at every change if I had him in sposies. The last time he had a stomach bug I used A&D with cotton flats and it washed right out without even a trace of odor from the A&D.  When he's gotten sores from acidic poop, lanolin healed them quickly.  Other than that, ds hasn't had diaper rash.

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  • We cloth diapered 4 kids from day 1 and have tried a bunch. We really like the stick versions. CJs Butter was the only one we ordered again and again. I think you can find it on Amazon.

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  • Essential oils.  They work faster and are cloth safe.  I use lavender, melaleuca, and sandalwood in fractionated coconut oil.
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  • We usually just use coconut oil. We also like Honest Baby balm, and our preference is CJ's BUTTer if we have it on hand. Mmmm monkey farts and narwhals. 
  • We typically use coconut oil and have yet to have a real rash. When I start to see a little redness I apply a little California Baby cream (with a disposable liner) and it clears up immediately. DH often just puts it on without the liner and we haven't had any issues with absorbency. California Baby is *supposed* to be cloth safe; it just makes me nervous! 
  • Butt paste, green tube, if the rash gets bad. Otherwise grandma Els or coconut oil on slight redness. 
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