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Nursing mom check in

How's it going?

The nursing aversion is really weird. The sensation of DS nursing keeps changing and sometimes I see milk, sometimes I don't. The twiddling though. Dear God the twiddling is driving me mad!

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Re: Nursing mom check in

  • I have to say when I nursed my first while pregnant with my second it didn't hurt or bug me at all. With this pregnancy nursing HURTS! I have to steel myself for the pain. We're down to once a day/sometimes every other day. 
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  • Sorry, I have been absent the past month! It's been rather hectic. DS turned 1 and we are still nursing 2x a day. My supply has definitely dropped and he is becoming less interested. I still see milk from time to time. I'm hoping he will keep nursing or pick it back up when baby #2 comes along. I'd like to nurse until 2 but I guess if he weans and doesn't come back there's not much I can do. I'm just happy I made it to a year. 
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  • It is like nails on a chalkboard! Just feels like like my nipples are getting flicked and it is so irritating. We are really trying to wean him because mama going nuts!
  • I was starting to wonder if I was the last one, lol. 

    I'm sorry to hear your struggles though :(

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