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7.5 mo old hitting while falling asleep...

This is really random..the past  3 mights and for naps..LO has been smacking me as i rock her. It huurrrttss! Shell grab my face and my eye. I try gently pushing her hand away and say no. (I know its a little early for her to understand) but then she LAUGHS! Finally i give up and put her in her crib awake. And normally shell settle. 

What the heck. 

Anyone elses LO do something weird?  

(We went from going to bed awake, to needing to be rocked, now to this..maybe she just doesnt need to be rocked anymore again?)

Re: 7.5 mo old hitting while falling asleep...

  • My oldest did this and I thought maybe he didn't want to be rocked at all or as much.  We would just put him in the crib.  If she settles in the crib, then I would say go for it.  I know how the hitting, pinching and scratching can hurt!!
  • Yes, yes & yes. My little one HAS to have his "blankey" OVER HIS FACE (talk about panic..) and he does a combo of playing with his hair, slapping me and clawing at my chest........ Like why on earth does that help him sleep  :|
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  • Its crazy!! But the last 3 nights shes been putting herself to sleep in the crib. I got tored of having my eyes gouged out lol 

    Crazy little ones..

  • Mine likes to put her hand in my mouth while she nurses, then proceeds to try and rip my bottom lip off.  My son did the same thing!  My mouth is shut, but when she tries it I usually smile because it's funny and that's when she goes for it.  OUCH!  
  • My girl thinks its hilarious to chomp down on my nipple while nursing during her last feeding of the night--especially when I tell her "no"--she literally cracks up. And it hurts!!!!
  • amyaddamyadd member
    Lol! My baby has to grab my shirt or the strap of my camisole or whatever I'm wearing when I nurse him around bedtime or whenever he needs to sleep. I'm talking grip of steel! Lol. He has such a firm grip thay shocked even my dad when he visited recently. I don't know why he does it. My husband thinks it's funny. But I have no decent camisoles or tanks anymore thanks to my son lol
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