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FFFC 5/20

Flame, flame, I know your name....


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    LadyFleck said:
    I'm still mystified as to why the UO thread what shut down. All I saw was a page and a half about wounds and then it was closed. I feel like the convo had moved away from the "feisty" topics naturally and onto something more benign. I don't get it. 
    I just took the time to read a few of the threads to catch up and was wondering why it was shut down myself. It was an "unpopular opinion" thread. Not everyone is going to agree, and frankly, I'm glad not everyone does. Makes things a little boring if you ask me.
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    FFFC - I started yesterdays nonsense with my original post which was misdirected.  Some of the ladies brought to my attention it wasn't actually the maternity photos I disliked but AWs in general. 

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    Wait did I read the admin's power tripping admonishment right? Does it instruct us never to start a U/O thread again?
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    I love the Harry Potter theme we have going on in here.  Just saying. 
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    Y0urm0mY0urm0m member
    FFFC I don't like Harry Potter, I could never get into it.
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    @Y0urm0m Me neither, I think I missed the boat since I wasn't allowed to read or watch them when I was the age that I probably would have liked them. 
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    KASGKASG member
    I never have FFFCs on Fridays (dammit!) but today, here's what I got:

    I don't mind catching a little flame, either for FFFCs or UOs. 
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    @afaddis89 I pretty much hate that my husband plays video games. In fact I can't stand it (or maybe it's just GTA that I can't stand) but....who knows, maybe I should offer to play with him sometime, since as a child I was a Donkey Kong master!! I wish there were more "women-friendly" games for PS4 though. Maybe one of the lego games would be tame enough for me?

    FFFC: I don't ever seem to have very many confessions for Fridays. Adulthood/motherhood has turned me into an incredibly boring person these days.

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    @rnyland1  We play mmorpgs together on our computers. :smile: That is actually how we met each other. If it was something like GTA, I'm with you, I'm just not into it. The Lego games can be pretty fun and I used to LOVE Donkey Kong, but we are hooked on our computer games.
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    @rnyland1 you might like Little Big Planet.
    Yes! I completely forgot about that game, but the little bit I have played is amazing!
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