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Growth Spurt?

My baby seems to be having a lot of growth spurts. Anyone else's LOs? She is usually on a 3 hour schedule, but when she is having her growth spurts she moves to a 2. A few weeks back she had a growth spurt that lasted 2 days, went back to normal for a day, and then horribly a spurt that lasted a week. Afterward it went back to normal for about a week and a half, then she had another spurt that has so far been 4 days. I really hate growth spurts. She is cranky so I am cranky. She eats more from me so I eat more. I feel like we can't do anything because she'll need feed soon. I can't ever plan for a nap because her naps are all over the place during spurts. I guess I just needed to rant. Hopefully after this one she'll go back to normal for a few weeks.

Re: Growth Spurt?

  • I wish our daugter went through a growth spurt haha good luck!
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    I am so hungry too!! I nurse my son on demand so I'm always hungry and everyone doesn't believe me and I keep showing them  articles about how nursing makes you hungry lol and yes my son is currently going through a growth spurt! Just make sure you drink lots of water and try eating healthy snacks, doesn't always work for me because I crave everything that isn't healthy but then I compliment it with lots of water so I think it works out lol  ;)
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