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Labor Buddy Sign Up

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This is the thread to officially sign up for a Labor Buddy.  I'll leave it open for a week or so to make sure everyone who wants to signs up.

Labor Buddies are for all of us, no matter what kind of delivery you have planned.  It's an assigned pairing where you (privately) share personal contact info and you become each other's go to for whatever you two want to talk about.  Plus this is the person you let know when it's baby time and they can report back to the group for you so you don't need to be thinking of posting to the rest of us while in the hospital (or at home or wherever you are delivering).

Please post below with your estimated due date.  I will try to pair people up with someone not due around the same time so there's less chance of both buddies having babies on the same day.

Feel free to sign up as a pair if you have formed a friendship with someone on the board.  And although there hasn't been a lot of drama on this board, if for some reason you have someone that you absolutely DON'T want as a buddy you can send me a private message with your request and I will do my best to honor this.

Re: Labor Buddy Sign Up

  • EDD is August 15 :)
  • I should probably post my own info haha

    EDD Aug 19
  • EDD Aug 15th - Thank you so much for doing this!

  • EDD August 17th- but I'll have c section at least a week before that we just don't have it scheduled yet. 
  • EDD August 13th!
  • EDD August 13th- thank you for setting this up!
  • EDD Aug 29

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  • EDD Aug 25

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  • EDD August 27
  • EDD August 15.
  • EDD August 21. 

    Thanks for coordinating!
  • EDD August 3!
  • EDD August 6th! Thanks :)
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  • EDD August 10.

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  • EDD 8/22 but may have scheduled c-section the week before
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  • EDD August 27
  • EDD August 11
  • KatienuKatienu member
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    EDD 8/25. Thank you!!
  • EDD August 1
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  • EDD Aug 28. 
    Thank you!
  • EDD 7/30 (but 8/4 was also discussed if bubs doesn't come out by 7/30!!)
  • lucypodlucypod member
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    EDD 8/2
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  • EDD August 13 (seems like a popular day)
  • EDD Aug 11 but will have scheduled c-section on 8/5 or 8/8, I'll know for sure in 4 more weeks!
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    EDD is August 25, however with twins they anticipate I'll be somewhere towards the end of July/beginning of August! 
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  • EDD is August 22nd.  Thanks so much for doing this @Curls919

  • EDD is August 13

    Thank you for organizing!
  • EDD: August 6th

    Me: 25  DH: 28

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  • @DressageDarling and I would like to be labor buddies since we hang out IRL. :) She's 8/3 and I'm 8/17. Thanks!

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  • EDD: Aug 4th 
    (Just a side note,this is exact same due date for my almost 2 yr old and I had him at 38 weeks on July 24 )I've also had a 33 weeker so ob says who knows when she will come lol 
  • EDD is 8/22 but will be induced at 38 weeks.. Expecting these girls to come mid to end of July :smile: 
  • So exciting to be at this point! 
    EDD August 3.
  • It's crazy to think how close we are!! I can't believe it's time for this already! I'm 8/28! Hoping he'll be here a couple weeks early though, since DH deploys 9/1. Thanks for organizing all of this!
  • EDD August 21- thank you! 
  • EDD August 17th
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  • EDD August 6th :heart: 
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  • EDD is August 18th. 
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