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Baby weaning off formula supplementation?

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hello ladies. I have a two month old daughter who has been breastfed and bottle fed with formula. We started supplementing after a couple of days in hospital after a c section due to too much weight loss. We started by cup feeding and after about two weeks or so we introduced a bottle for her formula feeds. I wasn't offering formula after every nursing session, but when I did, I would always nurse first. I generally tried to offer a bottle a few times a day and let her take as much or as little as she wanted, usually 1-3 oz at a time after the first few weeks while continuing to nurse on demand. the last few weeks she's been less keen on taking a bottle and will often continue to push it away with her tongue even after several attempts to offer it. She had been taking about 9 oz a day but has been taking a bit less in the last week or two and today she only took 2-3 oz. I haven't done anything to increase my supply and I still find it difficult to believe that I am producing enough to bf exclusively (I had difficult with my twins previously and am not exactly gushing milk this time either) and am not sure if I should be concerned about her seeming to be dropping her formula intake to such low levels because I don't know if she's doing it because she's not hungry for it or if she just doesn't like drinking from a bottle. 

She was just weighed at her 8ish week checkup and was at 12lb12oz (she'd been 11lb3.5oz at 6 weeks) so she's a very healthy weight and is growing, but it's been a gradual slowing down of her formula intake so if it's a concern it wouldn't necessarily have shown up yet. She is peeing and pooping.

Does anyone have any experience with needing to supplement with low supply and then later being able to wean off the supplementation, whether intentionally or not? I actually don't mind combination feeding, I just don't know exactly what's going on here.

thank you!

Re: Baby weaning off formula supplementation?

  • Hey there- yes, we supplemented in the first few weeks for the same issue and are now ebf. To help ease my mind transitioning we did weighted feeds and I would pump a few sessions a day so I knew how much he was getting. I would talk to your ped about the weight gain but if they give you the ok maybe talk to an lc to help with the weighted feeds. It can be a stressful process so congrats on sticking with it! Best of luck

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