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my son has had a bumpy rash on him for about a month or so now. I took him to the dr yesterday because it looked a lot worse then normal. Turns out he has eczema =[ 
Anyone else's baby have this? I have been putting coconut oil on his scalp and am going to try putting it on his body as well to see if that will clear it up. The dr gave me a prescription for hydrocortisone cream, but I hear it can bleach the skin. I'm not comfortable putting the on my baby. Does anyone use that on theirs?

Re: Eczema

  • My baby has it as well.  He was also given a prescription for hydrocortisone.   I use it when it's a bad flare up and bothering him but only a very small amount and only on the spots that are bad.
    We haven't had much luck with coconut oil but we use aquaphor frequently ( with every diaper change) and that helps keep it in check.  We also run a humidifier at night since the air here has been very dry.
  • My babe has a bad patch on his forehead. We don't want to use the hydrocortisone either. I've found that the "healing balm" from the honest company works best of all the lotions, creams and oils we've tried. 
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  • We use aquaphor ointment 2x a day. We were told to use hydrocortisone cream as a last resort and to never use it on his head or face. Read the warning label/ask the pharmacist/call your dr for clarification on when, where, and how often to apply it. I would personally try ointment first and try to figure out any triggers that might cause flare ups. 
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    LO had some really bad patches on her face and head that she was scratching like crazy. We tried the honest company healing balm and it helped a bit but what helped a ton was switching to the aveeno eczema baby bath and cream. I do the cream twice a day. The eczema association website has a list of products. 
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    Our little guy has been covered in eczema for a few weeks now, but the last couple week it's gotten really itchy for him combined with cradle cap. We use 1% hydrocortisone on the bad bits when it gets particularly bad (as per the Dr's recommendation) but the best cream we've found so far is Baby Aveeno Eczema cream, it cleared up his face within two days. The cetaphil didn't make any difference but the Aveeno has been a life saver.
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    Griffin has it on his face and two small patches on his arm. We use Aveeno Eczema cream and also have the Aquaphor.  We use the Aveeno after baths and use the Aquaphor when we see it start to get dry and flakey. He has quite a big spot on the back of his head.  The Pedi. tried telling me it's "winter skin" and just dry. Yea...no lady, it's Eczema.  I know, because I have it as well. It does not seem to flare up as much as it did in the winter, which is good.  He's also getting some hair coming in, so it's starting to get covered up by that. 
  • DS has it. It got pretty bad and nothing would touch it so Dr gave prescription for hydrocortisone cream that we are only to use to fix flares. Dr also suggested I cut dairy out for awhile considering the severity and other symptoms to see if it is a milk allergy.
  • Glad to know I'm not the only one not wanting to use that! I finally gave in tho, due to him scratching at his face, and ears! Praying it heals up soon. I also bought the aveno. My sister has used it for her son and said it did wonders, so ok hoping to see its work soon! 
  • My lo has it. Doctor hasn't confirmed but I have it and DH as well. So I'm sure that what it is. We also do aveno eczema cream and aquaphor. 
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    I use aveeno excema twice a day and aquaphor when he's having a flare up. My dr recommended washing his face with warm water and "sealing" it with aquaphor. So far, I've only had to do that once, but it worked pretty well. Aveeno excema calms his minor redness within hours...godsend!!
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