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Ayone else not into buying baby stuff?


Re: Ayone else not into buying baby stuff?

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    Also, after reading your post history, I guess it WOULD be difficult to buy for a child you just don't "have the time" for and would rather give it up.
    Ummm, yes.  From that, it looks like this isn't just a typical new child anxiety, etc. kind of problem, but something that requires help, discussion, and counseling that we aren't qualified to provide.
    As long as she pays me I can provide some counseling...won't be professional though.

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    WevilleWeville member
    @thepen15ismighty I'd like to sit in on that counselling session. 
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    BettyRuBettyRu member
    @sboston06 this little guy will be sleeping in a flower pack n play...  We aren't cheap, but no need to move DD out of her crib yet.  He will also likely have pink swaddles :).  But he DOES have boy onsies and I did FINALLY just buy something for his room!  
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