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Can heavy lifting hurt placenta/baby?

I lifted a very heavy trash bag at work today. It was heavy enough that it was a little difficult to carry. But light enough i could get it off the ground and onto my back. I only carried it for a good 50 seconds. After i threw it in the dumpster which took a good prep to throw in. My back hurt of course and my pelvic area hurt for a few seconds. But then it went away. For the rest of the night i only got a few sharp pains here and there for a few seconds. But no more now. Baby is moving like crazy so I'm guessing that is good. And no bleeding or cramping. Should i call my doctor tomorrow just to be sure? Could i have risked tearing my placenta and hurting baby? How would i know if i tore my placenta? I am always so paranoid. 

Re: Can heavy lifting hurt placenta/baby?

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    I would imagine you would have bleeding if anything tore. In my experience, years ago i lifted my toddler out of her highchair when i was 11 weeks pregnant. I immediately felt something very weird. Within days i was going thru a  miscarriage.  Just use common sense. If you have to strain i would avoid whatever it is that you were comtemplating picking up. It is hard to avoid doing the every day chore. Pregnant now, I lift almost nothing.  I don't want to risk it. We also had SCH which suggests extreme pelvic rest so I am very very cautious.


  • Thank you. I just get very paranoid about everything. I'm so sorry for your loss. 
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