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Weight Gain/Breast Size

Hey Ladies. I'm a FTM so I'm not sure if I should be worried about this or not. I started out in pregnancy about 20-30lbs overweight (recovering from an eating disorder- don't judge!), and have been really conscious about my weight gain. I'm 12w/4d and have gained a total of 4lbs (the 5th pound seems to come and go every other morning). I've also noticed that while my breasts are super tender, they haven't gotten much bigger. I'm just wondering if this is the case for other people. Last appointment (11w / 4d) baby was the right size and looked healthy. 

I have kept an eye on healthy weight gain for my size and I know its on the lower size but the fact that I havent seen a change in weight in the past 4-5 weeks makes me a little uneasy. To be fair, I have a big aversion to meat and pasta so between that and not having my wine anymore (which I miss so much!) I could theoretically be "losing weight" unintentionally? I dont know. Just wanted a little reassurance :) 

Re: Weight Gain/Breast Size

  • I'm not overweight but I have also only gained 4lbs so far and I'm 13w4d. If the baby is measuring correctly and the doctor isn't worried then I'm sure you're fine! 
  • I wouldn't worry about it unless your doctor tells you too. I'm a member of the itty bitty titty committee and things haven't changed since pregnancy. DH says they're a little bigger, but I think he's just being nice. I've also only gained 5 pounds and I'm right at 14 weeks with twins. My doctor wasn't concerned with it at all. I think you'll see those numbers going up once you're in your second trimester.
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  • I have just gained a pound. It looks and feels like more than that to me but according to the Dr office scale, that's what it is. I think it's ok to not gain weight in the first tri at any size so I wouldn't worry too much about it :) 
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  • I gained about 7lbs, but my boobs ballooned. Like I gave them steroids or something. I think the entire weight gain is held on my chest. Legit.

    Despite out beginning sizes, we're all going to change differently. Some very lucky ladies aren't going to experience much changes, and some of bus won't recognize our own bodies when we're done. The most important thing (IMO) is that we're all eating healthy and taking care of ourselves, which in turn takes care of baby. 
  • 1-5lbs is normal in the first trimester
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    Thanks ladies!! I feel a lot more at ease :) 
  • I've only gained one pound (totally normal) and my breasts are not as swollen as they were at first. I recall (my previous pregnancies were 12 and 10 years ago, so it's quite a stretch to try to remember) that my breasts weren't that much bigger the whole pregnancy. They definitely changed afterwards. 

    Also, I have a lot of aversions going on right now and I can't wait til they subside 
  • I went to the Doctor two days ago (Tuesday 05/10) and I also told him about the weight gain, I'm normally between 100 and 103 and I'm 5'0.  I figured I'd be gaining weight right about now. It turns out, I'm already showing and this is my first pregnancy :) but I'm the same weight I was on my first appointment (105 lbs) when I was only 7weeks. He reassured me that everything was fine and he said, "At least you haven't lost any weight, normally mommy's lose weight in the first trimester due to the nausea/vomit ordeal. The weight starts to come in in the second trimester." Then I asked at what rate and how much weight should I gain. He responded, "For your size, it won't be too much weight, about 2 lbs a month, nothing major." So don't worry, I also believe that if there was some kind of red flag pertaining to your weight your doctor would have mention it as it's in everyone's interest for you and the baby to be healthy :smile: 

  • Way off topic, but @vitaminace your profile picture makes me laugh!
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    So with DD#1 I didn't notice any size difference in my boobs until the very end when my milk came in. This time around, around 6 weeks they gained a whole cups size. Everyone and every pregnancy is different.
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  • @ICUnurse09 ;Haha! That was our 3 months celebration picture! He was like, "We'll see how long it takes you to beat my, "daddy bump"." Thanks :smiley: 

    @ANZ116 ; I also forgot to mention that the twins went a whole cup bigger. They were very tender in the beginning but now after the three months mark, they have gotten a little more tolerable. I was 34B now I believe it's 34C. My sister was a an A cup before her first baby, then she went to a B cup and then back to normal after. But don't forget everyone is different :wink: 

  • OP, I've been in a similar situation, and my advice is to try and weigh yourself once a week (or twice) instead of every day. (Unless your doctor recommended differently of course.) I started doing it every day and got a bit obsessive about the numbers... Wasn't good for my brain. I found one or 2x/ weekly helps me understand what's happening without micromanaging my behavior. Also, yay for recovery. Congrats to you. 
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    DH and I literally broke out the food scale and weighed these balloons because I was freaking out about how much weight I've gained (13w3d).  Turns out, my boobs have gained more than I have overall.  So I guess technically I may have lost a little other weight too?  Somehow that made me feel better
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  • msu_gal said:
    DH and I literally broke out the food scale and weighed these balloons because I was freaking out about how much weight I've gained (13w3d).  Turns out, my boobs have gained more than I have overall.  So I guess technically I may have lost a little other weight too?  Somehow that made me feel better
    Were you weighing them beforehand? 
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    eeek, I totally did once.  When women talk about their weight I'm pretty self conscious about the fact that I wear a small clothing size but can never seem to get to the numbers other people talk about.  I guess we all have our own body issues. 
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  • My first pregnancy I gained 20 pounds in my first trimester which was fairly evenly distributed. I went on to gain another 20. Starting weight was 113, starting cup size was 32DD. Ending weight was 153, ending cup size was 32DDD. This pregnancy, I'm almost out of the first trimester and I've gained one pound. My boobs however seem to be swelling right up and are already back at 32DDD. (I had some major deflation post partum.) 
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    I've gained weight pretty similarly in all 3 of my pregnancies thus far. Just a little in first tri, then steadily in 2nd and 3rd tris. For me it also comes off slowly and steadily over baby's first year.

    My boobs have seemingly done different things. First pregnancy I quickly went from a 36 barely-B to a 38 B+, then monster engorged boobies, then eventually back to slightly larger than before. They also were So Sore for a long time. Last time they stayed the same size but my nipples ached/burned. So far this time no boob symptoms at all.
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    With DS, I was (still am) significantly overweight. Much more than you. I gained/lost the same 7 lbs. my whole pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy 7 lb. 1 oz. baby boy. I was about 30 lbs. down from pre pregnancy weight 2 weeks after birth. I've gained that back and then some and am hoping for similar gain/loss this time. My breasts have not gotten significantly larger with either pregnancy. As long as Dr. isn't concerned, I wouldn't worry either. 
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  • 4 lbs to me seems really reasonable. It doesn't seem like a lot but if you think about it over the period of the whole pregnancy it seems like steady progress to me. You said you were 20-30 lbs overweight weight before pregnancy? So are they recommending you gain like 20 total lbs throughout pregnancy? If you look at it that way your about a 4th of the way there which seems reasonable to me :) 

    As far as the breasts getting bigger I didn't notice my breasts get larger with my first pregnancy or so far my second. I think that's one of those things that vary from woman to woman. When milk comes in your breasts definitely change and have different degrees of hardness or softness but actual size is something that for me anyway I really hadn't noticed. 


  • You are at a perfect weight! Everyone will be a bit different and I hate the pregnancy gain calculator because BMI doesn't take into consideration muscle mass, such an outdated tool! BUT ANYWAY. Stay active, eat semi healthy that's really all we can do! My super fit friend and super clean eater still gained "over the recommended" weight  amount but she's right back to where she was just 5 months after birth!

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  • I've put on around 8 pounds (I don't normally weigh myself at home, just the at the doctor), but I started a little underweight: 5'9'' and right around 120 pounds. I'm beyond the 1-5 pounds recommended for the first trimester, but I'm glad I managed eating plenty of food while dealing with morning sickness.

    I started as a small 34B, wearing a 34C now. And this bra is starting to fill up. Most smaller-chested women are excited by this, but I know its not permanent. I don't a lot of stretching before things deflate.
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    I wouldn't worry as long as your not losing weight you should be okay and if your Dr hasn't said anything to you about it I wouldn't worry. I'm 16 weeks and have only gained 3lbs it's been like this since my 10week appt my Dr hasn't mentioned it so I assum its ok. As for the boobs every pregnancy is different for me my first,third and fourth pregnancies my boobs were huge and grew fast but my second they were soar but didn't grow until my milk came in. You can always ask your Dr if you are concerned. 
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    Thank you!  
  • I know this is an older post but I think it is more prominent now that we are all around halfway through no? 

    Personally, I have lost 2 pounds and I am trying to patiently wait for the scale to start creeping upwards. I'm a little concerned since I'm 20+4 and with DS I had gained over 20 pounds by now. I know every pregnancy is different and the circumstances are definitely part of that with work, school, and home life. I almost feel like I don't have time to be pregnant. I'm counting down to my next appointment and hoping my pregnancy brain doesn't make me forget to ask!
  • @seven6five Thanks for resurrecting this thread. I was a bit worried for a bit that I was not gaining weight. But these past couple of weeks have really changed the numbers on the scale. With my body type it doesn't even look like I am pregnant... I say it now that I can't wait for the belly to round out but we will see as I gain more weight and my movement is limited. 

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  • I'm 21w4d and each appt I seem to be fluctuating  either up 2lbs or down 2lbs... I blame it on whether or not I've had a BM that day or not lol. With DD I didn't start gaining until around 28 weeks and ended up gaining about 40lbs. So don't worry!

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  • Slight change of subject but I'm more frustrated with the doctor than myself in regards to weight gain. In general, I love my doctor but I've apparently gained 9lbs total at 21 weeks (I was at the lower end of average weight pre-pregnancy) and my doctor told me that was high. She said I don't need to diet but should be making sure to stay active. I tried the babycenter.com weight gain calculator though and that put me right in the middle of normal. Maybe I'm just in denial but now I'm worried I'm going to get a "you're too fat" lecture at every appointment going forward. My doctor originally said as long as I don't gain over 35lbs by the end she wouldn't lecture me but yesterday she said the actual target for me is 20-25 with 35 being the last number for "acceptable" weight gain. Is anyone else dealing with this? How much do we really need to worry about every pound and couldn't the rate at which we gain vary?
  • @MorningStarSmiles  I'm at 23+6 today and I'm only up about 8-9lbs (I fluctuate a little) but I was told that at this point I shouldn't be up more than 15 so ~10 is right on track. If you were underweight to start with I'd say 9 at 21 weeks is normal to low. ~25 total would be normal/healthy. I think your doctor is a little off (but I'm not a professional so I can't REALLY say) if it comes up at your next appointment I would remind him/her what was said at the beginning of your pregnancy and push to clarify since it sounds like you're getting mixed messages from your doctor. 
  • @tigerfish227 thank you, that's a good idea and helpful to hear those numbers. I'm above underweight but on the low end of average (5'7 and 128 before I got pregnant). She was probably just trying to encourage me to keep an eye on things before it's a problem but yeah, it's frustrating and confusing to be lightly scolded when something's not actually an issue yet. Silver lining: it's a good excuse to go play Pokemon Go! haha
  • I didn't gain any weight until my second trimester. I'm petite so the doctor assured me it was okay at every appointment because I kept wondering. I'm now 23 weeks and have gained 10lbs, so it will come! I don't feel that my breasts have grown all that much either, but they are really heavy. Others have noticed they are larger (went swimming) so it may just be you not noticing the change.  
  • I'm 22 weeks pregnant now and have lost 5 pounds total with my pregnancy. I was over weight to begin with and the baby is doing fine so dr said not to worry that come the third trimester I should gain some but she doesn't look for me to gain more then 10 pounds total with my pregnancy. 
  • I'm 5'3" and started out at 214, went up to 217 at the beginning of the second trimester, then fell to 213 for a while, and at 23 weeks I'm back to 217 in the space of a week.  I'm worried that gaining half a pound a day will be my thing now :-( since a lot of people say that you really start to gain in the third trimester.  Also, my boobs aren't very swollen or sore anymore!

  • I'm over weight and at my 25 week appointment dr said I've only gained 7 pounds. She said with my size it isn't unusual so as long as he keeps growing on track it's not a cause for too much concern. But then she told me he was 40th percentile which she said was still normal but he seems smaller then he should be but I'm trying to trust the dr and believe all is fine
  • I started out over weight.  I've gained 2 pounds every month since being in the second trimester. My doc hasn't said a word about it. I was pregnant and had a still born son in December and I lost weight that pregnancy. So even though I'm over weight,  I would get nervous if I lost weight. Unless you brought it up and specifically asked, I'd be a littler irritated too.
  • Y'all need to calm the F down, I got y'all beat lol...I started at 295 and I've gained 20 lbs. and I'm at 25+5. My boobs went from a 42DDD to a 42H. (However I'm still stuffing myself into my old bras lol) While I've never been proud of my being overweight  (mostly due to PCOS and the awful weight-loss struggle that ensues) keep in mind ladies that after childbirth, you will lose a lot of weight. A lot of mine is from swelling  (my hands are the worst).
  • I was 125lbs (5''6) and now at 27 weeks 5 days I'm around 155lbs. I gained way too much in the second trimester.. You can tell by my thighs. :( The heat has been making it so hard for me to stick to my normally active lifestyle. But I've been getting better since the one "weight gain spurt" (it scared me enough to get me off my butt.) My doctor wasn't concerned about it. I just can't wait to have my little girl to hike with us. Especially excited for the cooler weather! Way easier for me to do yoga in (our a/c is not very good sadly..) Hopefully breast feeding will also help me get back down to pre-baby weight as well. 
  • I am 28 weeks and up 26lbs. Baby boy has got me gaining weight all over but I haven't gained anything in the last two months which my doctor seems to be okay with that. I'm thinking my weight gain will end up being around 30 lbs. My first child is a year and a half now and I only gained 27 lbs with that pregnancy and I still had 15 lbs to lose and was nursing when I got pregnant this time around, so I'm sure I'll lose this weight in time. 
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