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Babies in Prison?

So yesterday on one of my youtube binges were I kept getting distracted from my original search I saw this video documentary titled "Babies Behind Bars" and it grabbed my attention. I ended up watching the whole thing thinking it was really interesting. 

Thought you gals might wanna see it and weigh in your opinions!


My thoughts: 

When I first started watching I thought to myself that it was strange but then I was like hit with the reality that such a huge portion of these women that are getting put in prison are pregnant when going in and that there babies are taken from them less than 24 hours after they give birth to them. I was like crying and thinking to myself oh my gosh that's awful. In retrospect I guess that's something that makes sense but I was totally terrified at the thought of mama's and babies being separated and was feeling big ol tears at my lack of understanding of that system. 

I personally think that what they are doing is really cool for a few reasons. One reason is they are putting the babies first in all aspects of this. The people allowed to participate have to go through soooo many hoops to ensure the babies safety etc... so that makes me happy because of course babies are of the utmost importance and I don't feel they are being abused here. I feel like it also allows the mothers a chance at a better life though. The ultimate goal of prison the way I see it is that when people leave they no longer commit crimes and go on to be productive members of society. I feel like that doesn't usually happen though so if helping build a bond between mother and child improves these women's chances of having a better life I think that's just the coolest thing ever. Mother child love is bigger than anything and I can see how it could be a healing power in ones life. 

I really hope to see statistics sometimes about this if that program was successful or not in rehabilitating the ladies. It would be really cool if it was. 


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