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I'm starting a club.  It's called the Overdue club! Who else is joining??Officially past due with baby #2. Oh so fun. And absolutely no signs of labor. I went into labor on my own with DS at 40+3 so I truly hope I don't make it to induction NEXT. Wednesday. Ugh.  Happy baby is healthy and full term but was also hoping I'd be celebrating with a cinco de mayo margherita! 

Re: Overdue Club

  • Just got back from Dr. Appt. I'll officially ask to join this club if he doesn't come by Sunday! Here's to hoping for that MARGHERITA!  
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  • I'm 40+3 today, FTM. Cervix was barely dilated at 1cm as of Tuesday. Sono yesterday showed good fluid levels and healthy placenta. I'm hoping he decides to make an appearance prior to inducing which my doctor said would originally be happening as of next Tuesday- now he is saying next Friday lol. 
  • 40+4 today. Ultrasound tomorrow to see if there's any medical reason that my labor stopped.
  • @Aquinna82 that sucks... Had you been in early labor and things just stopped?
  • @charla1224 omg lol you hit it right on the head- I am seriously ready to disconnect my cell phone :smiley: 
  • 40+1 today. STM. Had a nst yesterday and baby passed with flying colors. DD came at 40+5 after a membrane sweep and 2 days of prodromal labor. Hoping for a med free birth this time so I want to avoid induction but the waiting and anticipation are killing me. 
  • @Aquinna82 that sucks... Had you been in early labor and things just stopped?
    Yup...for 10 days. Then Tuesday things just stopped. The past 2 weeks have been unpleasant.
  • Aquinna82 said:
    @Aquinna82 that sucks... Had you been in early labor and things just stopped?
    Yup...for 10 days. Then Tuesday things just stopped. The past 2 weeks have been unpleasant.
    That is awful. I'm so sorry! Hang in there 
  • I figured it out!
  • Five more days until I can join you lovely ladies in this group!
  • I'll join you ladies in two days of he doesn't make his appearance by Sunday, but since I actually went down in dilation I'm going to assume we will need an induction. Seeing our doctor Tuesday, Monday if she can fit us in and do a membrane sweep. Fingers crossed!  I was really hoping he would be here by Mothers Day :(
  • codeeyecodeeye member
    40+3 over here. Won't be getting any assistance until next Wednesday when they will do a membrane sweep. my SO is getting ridiculous. Any time I have a contraction (I will have about 4-6 a day, never close together or anything) he looks at me all excited and asks if I'm having a baby. Haha! Trust me hunny you will be informed when this becomes actual labour. Haha
  • I had painless contractions every 5 minutes since 2pm yesterday. Could barely sleep last night due to horrible indigestion. Really hoping this turns into something. 40+3 today. 
  • Im 40 weeks today and shes in no hurry to get here. Cervix still high, no contractions, nothing at all. Feeling worst as the days go by. 
    Going for an ultrasound on Tuesday. Hoping everything is good. Seems like I feel her less and less. Im guessing shes got less room in there.
    Well heres to all the mommies and hoping your little ones make an appearance soon.
    Sending good vibes your way
  • MsIanMsIan member
    I'll be joining you guys soon too. So frustrating since I burned through a month of my leave time on bedrest and now I've decided to stop working 50% because of the discomfort and 50% because I'm tired of people feeling like they need to say SOMETHING along the lines of "almost there!" or "you haven't had that baby yet?" It's just best if I avoid people at this juncture. DH is so anxious. Poor man. He's like "i feel it. Soon!!" I don't even have the heart to tell him, "I doubt it dear."
  • @Charla1224 my DD was born at 42w exactly. I pretty much spent 2 weeks avoiding people and if I did go into public/work etc my face did a good job of giving off the vibe that I wasn't into questions or chit chat. 
  • vinerievinerie member
    How long is everyone's Doctor letting them go? My DD is Monday and I have a sense nothing is going to happen by then...
    Me: 38; DH: 41
    DS: Born 5-17-16 

  • @klittle779 ha ha yea I'm in NY and it has been dreary and rainy for over a week now! 
    @vinerie my dr originally said he would only let me get to 41 weeks- I spoke to his nurse the other day, and she said 10 days past the DD, soooo I don't even know at this point lol. I will be 41 weeks on Tuesday, but 10 days past the DD would bring me to Friday...
  • I have a scheduled induction for this Wednesday. (I'll be 41 weeks exactly). It seems like a million years away. Truly hoping I just go on my own but at this point at least it is an end date. So so miserable. Especially since I didn't go this late with my first.
  • vinerie said:
    How long is everyone's Doctor letting them go? My DD is Monday and I have a sense nothing is going to happen by then...
    My EDD is Tuesday. OB says 41 weeks max, as I am measuring several weeks ahead and wants to prevent LO from getting too big to deliver vaginally.
  • I'm OFFICIALLY in the club! Ha, I saw this coming. I swear my Dr. Gave me an early due date! I know when I got KU  ;) besides feeling huger than I've ever been in my life, I'm trying to Thankful. Much rather keep him longer than have him come to early.... but come on now baby! Let's go!!!
  • Joining the club at 40+2. Going to see the doc today. Im feeling great fortunately/unfortunately. We flew my mom down on the 1st bc I was just positive the baby would come early. Nope. Now we're just sitting around.....waiting. Talk about pressure! 
    Me: 32 DH: 35
    Married 12/7/07
    DD: Born 1/2/14 
    Baby #2 EDD 5/6/16

  • It starts to feel like you're not even pregnant anymore. You've clearly just gone insane, and let yourself completely go.....  
  • @codeeyeha my husband refuses to call it sympothy weight but he's defintly put on weight! I think he got all my cravings.and he made fun of my poor brother who packed on a few extra when his kid was born :) lol
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